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    How to unlock iphone 4s




      I am a customer for Verizon for many years.  From time to time I do travel to London or Europe and was wondering how can I unlock my iphone?  I was trying to look on Verizon's website on how to contact customer service with an email address but cant find it?  Any information would be appreciated.

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          You should contact Global Support to request the phone be unlocked or to add the global plans to your account.

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            Levent Sevgi

            Hi Ann154, could you forward this mail to Verizon Customer Service (if possible)?

            I couldn't find the right person for that?






            To Verizon:

            I joined UMASS Lowell as a visiting professor last September. I bought an iPhone 4S (with the IMEI no: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for 199 USD) with Verizon line (xxx xxx xxxx) from one of your shops in Nashua (in Pheasant Mall) under one of my close friends family pack. I specifically asked to the gentleman there in the shop “whether I can use this phone in Europe when I go back” and informed by him that I can use it after a three month period.

            I finished my sabbatical term at the end of June 2013 and came back to Turkey. Before leaving USA, we made calls to Verizon and cancelled my line. I also paid extra 260 USD for the phone itself because of the early cancellation of my 24-month contract. We asked whether there is anything to do with the phone in order to unlock it and got the answer “NO”.

            I went to my Turkish wireless supplier TURKCELL office and try to replace the SIM card. They told me that they could not do that because it’s locked by Verizon. Even “hackers” told me that there is nothing they could do.

            I called my friend for his assistance. He called VERIZON again and got the answer that we should have unlocked the phone during the cancellation.

            Could you please solve my problem and unlock my phone?

            Thanks in advance


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              Before you cancelled the line, you should have unlocked phone.  Verizon Wireless has requirements the customer has to meet to be eligible for a SIM unlock on their phones.


              Now that the line is canceled and you are no longer a customer, you do not qualify.

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                Levent Sevgi

                You mean this iphone can not be used anymore.

                Am I right?


                Actıally, the line was registered by my friend who is still Verizon customer.

                Can he unlock it?




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                  Yes, your friend could unlock it.


                  Have them activate it on one of their lines and then request to get it unlocked by Verizon Global Services.


                  After it is unlocked, they can then reactivate their own phone back on the line and return the iPhone to you in an unlocked state.


                  Good luck.

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                    I am with Verizon for last 9 years &amp; with my 4s for last 14 months; before  I leave for India I got my phone unlocked by Verizon global service &amp; was told that it is ready to use in India.  Once I reach India I see that the phone is not unlocked yet; please advise me what can I do to resolve this issue

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                      You should probably contact Verizon Global Services at 1-908-559-4899.