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    Verizon Coverage Map


      Much of west Kentucky has been upgraded to 4G LTE, but nothing has changed on the map in nearly a month. In fact, the map will say 7/22 updated, then 6/27, etc. Not a big deal by any means. But, I was curious where the new areas were exactly. For a while, they were updating the map real good, but it's been weird for the last month. What's up VZW? Just curious.

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          Take note, as of today, their 6/27/2013 map date. Out of date and not representative of what coverage is out there in this area. Again, just curious as to why all of the sudden. It was updated very well prior to late June.


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            Well you Do Realize you can Pull in your Area.!  Using your City  Or using your Street Address  or even your Zip Code.! Another Option if you Want to see Coverage in your Area is by Going to Sensorly.com on the Web or by Visiting the Google Playstore and if you choose to Download the App you can Map your Area through the Apps setting's)  I Mapped Most of the Area i Live in