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    Edge Program


      At the present time, I am under contract until 2014, July.  As such, would I be able to participate in the Edge program when it starts

      in August?  Would I have to turn my present phone in?  If so, how do I find out what I owe on the subsidized phone, the one that is under

      contract yet?



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          You will need to wait until the program begins to see how it works.

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            I did find out, as long as you are under contract you cannot use the Edge program.  You must wait til your contract is up.  Which is dumb, cause people will take advantage of the discount phones instead of paying full price!! oh well.

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              Depends on what they are looking for. Purchasing a discounted phone would mean not another discounted upgrade(another new phone) for another 2 years. With edge, you could upgrade again much sooner. Don't know if I think it sounds like such a great deal, though. Will have to wait until more details come out.


              I wasn't too happy about Share Everything when it first came out, either. Turns out I ended up saving money with that switch.

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                I found out we, who are in contracts, CANNOT take advantage of the Edge program. We have to wait til our crontracts end. Dont think it's right, but, that's the policy.  So, people who do not have contracts or NEW customers can use it.  They should specify this.

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                  Verizon probably will reveal all the details when the plan is made "official" on August 25, or a bit sooner perhaps.  Since they are promoting this as "no-contract", it does make sense that you would need to complete your CURRENT contract in order to participate.  If you are on a family plan and have any lines that are month to month - those lines could take advantage.


                  I'm not sure how much of an "edge" it will be though.  You have to pay off 50% of the current device before you can "upgrade", but unlike a typical upgrade today with a discounted price, you don't get to keep the "old" device once you upgrade to a new device unless you pay off the old device (since you've only paid for 50% of it).  They are advertising that you can upgrade every 6 months, but the pricing plan is structured so it will take a year to pay off half the cost - I can see this becoming an issue, especially with folks who don't understand the whole program.  They go for the EDGE, get put on the standard plan, and come in 6 months later expecting to trade in on a new phone.  They'll either have to wait 6 more months or pay the difference ... and they will not be happy.


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                    Changes are it will mirror what other companies offer, and it's a horrible deal,but most young adults haven't figured it out yet

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                      I believe as long as your are eligible for early renewal or contract is up, you can change to this program. If you just signed a new 24 month contract, and already have paid for the down payment of your phone recently, you may be out of luck.


                      I am waiting to see myself the details as interested, and eligible to upgrade.  

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                        I need help understanding something.  I joined Verizon on Sept 14, 2012.  Therefore my contract date extends to September 14, 2014.  It appears that I would never be eligible to use Edge. I would always be eligible to upgrade at the same time that my contract expires.  Correct?

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                          You would be eligible to use the Edge program on September 14, 2014.

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