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    How do I delete my Mobile Hotspot service without incurring fees?


      I live in a small town off the beaten path. I recently decided to go back to school and do so online. No major cable companies are available in my town so I had to buy the Mobile Hotspot for internet. I purchased in January, I have not had it working correctly since I added it to my plan. I have had the sim card & the device replaced with no improvement. It wont stay connected to 4G and it always drops the internet connection. I have to shut down the hotspot, wait a few minutes, and then turn it back on. Once it is one I have internet service for about an hour then it turns off again.


      Is it possible for me to cancel this service without incurring termination fees. I think as I didnt receive what was promised to me that I didnt break contract they did...right?


      Would love to hear your advice. Thank you!

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          John Getzke

          Not likely going to happen.


          Everyone is held accountable under the same ETF agreement, terminating earliy is going to cost you $175.00.  Unless you only have 3 months left on your plan then you can expect to pay the full ETF upon your termination notice.


          Folks who have reduced or waived ETF's have a history with VZW tech support that well documents the limitations.  When VZW gets tired of replacing the device under waranty they tend to be more open to reducing or waiving the termination fees.  Your best bet here is to keep calling into VZW and working with Tech support.  Ask them to look at your history and see what options they can come up with for you under replacement or early term. 


          From what you have described here you do not have anything that is out of the ordinary for these devices.  MiFi's were never intended to be left online for long peroids of time.  Treating them like an always on internet connection is bound to cause momentary disconnections and gaps in service.