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    Discount renew


      I had the prompt for discount renew. I did the steps and scanned copy of my pay stub. I check my validation and says none on file. Will I lose my corporate discount?

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          Take the stub to a corporate store and make sure they enter it. However some employers, require the validation occur on their internal intranet site. Walmart is one I know for sure that requires this

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hi Egrah57367,

            Employee discounts are important to keep a great value on your plan.  Let's get this fixed. You can add your employee discount in a few different ways.

            You can easily revalidate your discount at http://www.VerizonWireless.com/Renewdiscount . You will be asked to provide a valid work email address or you can upload your paystub. Secondly, you can easily register for your employee discount and submit your paycheck stub via your smartphone! First, take a picture of your paycheck stub on your device.  Then, visit http://www.VerizonWireless.com/Renewdiscount on your smartphone, please click “validate by paystub,” and  fill out the form and press continue.  It will then let you upload the picture you took from your devices gallery. Lastly, you can visit any corporate Verizon Wireless store to have the discount applied http://bit.ly/3SdsA .

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              I'm retired from FMI how can I finish the renewdiscount part it has nothing for me to fill out Thanks

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                If you are retired from FMI, then you will most likely no longer receive the discount when Verizon asks you for confirmation of your continued employment by inputting your company email or submitting a pay stub.

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                  When we tried to renew our discount, it told us it could not find any of our phone numbers associated with out account.  Will try going to the local Verizon store I suppose. 

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                    I have called Verison several times as I uploaded my paystub 2 weeks ago and a search on line says it is PENDING but on chat they claim nothing was received and re resubmit..which I did.  Calling to get a person is close to impossible and so so irritating.  I asked if I could go to the store but chat said no only the internet..I have always been pleased with Verizon but this experience makes me wonder if Verizon is just trying to stop discounts after the time allowed to verify so $ in their coffer...nowhere to email them no person to talk to..just says all messages are computer generated and "sorry"  Anyone else got an authorization to verify when you upload a pay stub? 

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                      It takes 1-3 billing periods for the discount to kick in unless you work for a company requires you to request the discount via your employers intranet. Then it is the next billing period

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                        I went to the corporate store based on this information  and was told by Nicole that they don't do that in the store that I can fax it or go to website which that page has been unavailable for several days now.  I took off from work to handle this only to have to go through more hoops.  I have had this discount since 2008 and have never been requested to supply an update.  I am trying to comply however now

                        I am sooooo Mad that I really feel this is a dissatisfier.  Nicole never offered to fax the information with me standing I had the papers in my hand.

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