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    Iphone 4s won't connect to wifi.


      My router is fine, every other phone in the house is connecting but my phone won't.

      It will work for a little bit and then go back to 3G, for a while it wouldn't even let me turn wifi on.

      How do I get my phone to connect permanently?!

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi dacatlady,

          Oh No! I'm extremely sorry to learn that you're having issues with your wireless device. A seemless experience is always of extreme importance. Do you mind sharing if your device has ever been able to have a seemless connection? Have you attempted to reset your router? Have you confirmed software compatibility with your internet provider? Please keep us posted, thanks!

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            I'm having the same problem. I've read that it's a hardware issue with the radio chip (it's a random malfunction that happens to iphones sometimes), and it's something that you can't repair (if you take it to apple, they'll tell you to get a new one, since fixing it requires surgery on the phone). It used to work perfect, but then the phone didn't pick up wifi signals, and (for a lot of people, including me as of this week) the wifi button will "gray out" so you can't even turn the service on. Apple suggests toggling airplane mode, or resetting the phone and the network settings, but these options very rarely work (I've tried all of them, and the wifi button is still gray).

            I know what's wrong with it and that it can't be fixed. My phone is only 6 months old, so my question is will Verizon replace it, or am I going to have to buy a new one?

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              I am having the exact same problem with my 4S.  I haven't had that long either.  8 months at most.  I have tried all the usual fixes as pthulin and dacatlady.  HELP!!  I'm afraid I will be using too much data without WIFI.  This occurs both at work and at home. 

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Thanks for trying those previous steps mattjam29. Is this happening with all wifi hotspots? Is your wifi option grayed out as well? If you haven't already, I suggest completing a hard reset http://vz.to/13f3KzH, but don't restore all info right away. Test without anything loaded first. If still having issues, the phone may need to be replaced thru warranty.

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                  Yes, it happens at all WIFI hotspots.  My home, work, everywhere.  It hasn’t connected at all this week.  The WIFI option has grayed out a few times, but for the most part I can turn it off and on, but it just keeps saying “choose a network” and then nothing comes up.


                  What will the “hard reset” do to all my contact information and apps??


                  Thank you!





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                    I've had the same problem since they sent me a new phone!  The wifi button is greyed out and it won't connect to icloud because of that.  Is this fixable or do I need to get another phone?

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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                      Thanks for the info mattjam29. You'll need to back up your phone to your computer first to avoid losing any info. You can also use Backup Assistant http://vz.to/19zMXeZ to backup your contacts. Apps are backed up once synced to iTunes.

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                        My Wifi is also greyed out. I have followed all Apple suggestions online, back up my phone & done a hard reset and it is still greyed out. I have the insurance ($9.99) on my phone and would prefer to have it replaced rather than serviced. What do you suggest?

                        PS-My router is fine, everyone else's Iphones work. It's just mine; it's not a problem with my home wifi.

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                          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                          Hi Buppy68,

                          Fantastic question! We can most certainly take a closer look into replacement options. Have you visited a local VZW Store or Apple Store in your location? Any signs of physical damage to the device? Please share details, thanks!

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