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    Verizon Edge????  What will be the stipulations.  & Major issue w/ Razr Maxx HD


      Let me explain why I am wondering about this at this point and the problems I am having.  I am wondering and hoping to get some concrete info on the new edge plan.  I am on my third refurb warranty replacement phone.  I am sick and tired of it at this point.  This third phone is a Razr Maxx HD and of course the first week it starts acting up.  I get the following icons either one or all at the same time:  sim card icon, a no smoking type circle thing over the signal bars, and then that will turn into a red triangle with a white plus sign.  A month and a half later and 3 sims card later, I still have no idea at any given moment when I can actually use my phone.  Even motorola said if the third sims card does the same thing then it has something to do in the sims card slot. Believe me, i have went round and round with customer service about this.  I'm so sick of this situation at this point I would like to trade for a different phone but it seems that not an option at this point.  So it's either get another refurb Razr Maxx HD or buy a Note 2 at $700 all up front to keep my unlimited data.  Now I have an old Alltel plan with a limited amount of minutes which is enough for us but we have unlimited text and UNLIMITED DATA.  Now the only way to keep this is to purchase a phone at full retail.  I was already to upgrade my plan and get a Note 2 at the discounted price but I just cant give up my unlimited data I don't think....I mean 10 gb of data with three phone is almost the same price as I pay now with unlimited data.  It's a little bit more but come on its unlimited data.  AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  We have been averaging 6 gb approx but still get a Note 2 and I see my usage going up.  April I used over 6 myself (daggone Pandora radio lol).  Ok what I need to know is how this new program is going to work exactly.  I know you are supposed to be able to purchase a new device at full retail price with no contract and make payments on it over a 24 month period.  Then after 6 months and only if you have paid half of what the device cost on full retail, you would be able to purchase another device.  My issue comes in at ... should I wait till this program goes live Aug. 25th to get a Note 2, get one now at full retail (but its $700) all up front, or just get another refurb Razr Maxx HD for now.  Plus I heard the Note 3 is coming this fall but I'm not holding my breather about it.  I would like to know more specifics about the New Edge plan especially if they will allow us on unlimited data plans to keep keep it if we use this program.  Can someone please help?