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    plan changes


      I hope someone at Verizon reads these posts.  I have searched the Verizon website and find no other way to communicate directly by web or email.  About a year ago I upgraded one of my lines.  It is this line that I am logged on as.   I am a Verizon customer who came on board when Verizon bought out Altell.  I have had 2 lines on Verizon for many years.  


      When I upgraded the phone on this line I lost my unlimited data.  I did not know that at the time.  My other line still has unlimited data and I will never upgrade it through Verizon. 


      I have called and talked to customer service about this several times.  Every time I get the same song and dance that since the phone is now off unlimited it can never be put back on.  


      This in my notice to Verizon.   If this phone is not restored to unlimited data I will move both my lines to Virgin Mobile as soon as this line is out of contract.  I can get unlimited EVERYTHING at Virgin for $35 per month.   That will cut my cell bill in half.


      If you want to keep my business I had better be notified that my unlimited data is restored.




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          Your unlimited data is gone, posting on this forum wont help get it back...definate bummer but that's the truth.  You have 14 days to get it back if it drops off the line and if you upgraded then you would've had to return the phone within the 14 days.  And it is true that other carriers have "unlimited" data but many throttle your data speeds or only give you unlimited while you're connected to their towers.  Do your research and how "unlimited" Virgin's data truely is and what the data speeds are.