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    Casio Commando 4g Pictures from SD Card and Google not showing in Gallery!


      Hello everyone it's been a while!


      So I've had a couple of these shiny new Commandos and guess what?!? They've got issues :-/


      Here's my gripe, let see if the community is better help than Verizon Support and/or Casio Support. I picked up a new Commando on July 3rd and installed a 16gb SD Card. I used the device for 5 days then returned it ( long story ). I removed my SD Card with all my stuff on it. On July 17th I got another New Commando, installed my SD Card, annnnnnnnnnnd my photos are not showing in the Gallery......


      Now if I install Astro File Manager and look at the SD Card guess what? All the photos are there..


      So why won't this device add these photos to my Gallery?


      Also related to the Gallery: Why aren't my Google Photos showing up either? Yes I've got Sync Google Photos turned on in the settings.


      Thanks, Gary

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