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    Samsung Galaxy S4 Shutting Down/Restarting Automatically


      I purchased my S4 a couple days before its release date, and on the 2nd day, the S4 started to shut off on its own at random. Currently, the situation has progressed to the point of frustration and I'm finally going to take some time off my schedule and visit a Verizon store to see what can be done. Why have I waited so long to do something about this you might ask? Well, the S4 usually reboots on its own and the boot up process is pretty quick. However, sometimes I have to turn it back on myself. Anyway, 4 years ago I had the LG ENV 2 - I had the same issues constantly, and I had no data plan on that phone. It was used as a basic phone. So no apps. Then, 2 years ago I had the LG Revolution - same issues with that device. Now, I have a Samsung and it's the same ISSUE!!!  This MUST be a Verizon FEATURE on their phones! Well, at least for me! I'm being sarcastic, of course. So, that is the main reason why I haven't taken the S4 in for diagnosis/repair. There are never true fixes? I just find it hard to believe that my last 3 phones with Verizon were defective and with the same issues. How coincidental.


      Any suggestions/recommendations of what else I can do to fix this besides uninstalling/reinstalling apps? Is any one else experiencing the same problem?


      Thank you, All!