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    Missing Google Maps and Navigation Icons


      Recently, while broken down on the side of the road and wondering exactly where I was so I could call a tow truck, I realized that both Google Maps and the stock Navigation application had disappeared from the desktop of my RAZR.  I tried looking in Apps just in case the icons had been accidentally deleted and they were not there either.  I went to the Play Store to reload Google Maps and the Play Store said it was already installed!  I ran it from the Play Store page okay, but still no icons in Apps or on the desktop.  I deleted the Google Maps updates (as a standard application, it refused to remove it completely), and still nothing.  I reinstalled the updates, and still nothing.  I tried finding the Navigation app, but I couldn't find it in the Play Store to see if it was suffering the exact same symptoms.  I checked Apps under System Settings and Maps (Google) is there, but the navigation app is not.  All I can do from this page is clear data, force stop, uninstall etc.



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