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    Downloading photos from Verizon Cloud


      Is there a way to download photos all at once from Verizon Cloud? I have about 1400 photos I'd like to download to my computer (just upgraded my phone so I want to save them somewhere), and I can only see how to download them one by one. The solution in the FAQ (hold and click and it will let you pick multiple photos) doesn't work.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Looks like you are an avid picture taker like me! I can understand the importance of not wanting to lose any of them.
          With the Cloud services, you will have to select the files, but it won't allow you to select all at once.
          How are the pictures stored on the phone? Is it in the device memory or on an SD card?

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            My son has much the same issue - he wants to take his pictures and other files from the cloud and put them on his phone.  Are you saying files can only be pulled from Verizon Cloud to his phone ONE AT A TIME???


            That makes the program almost useless in my opinion.

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              It is my understanding that you can successfully sync a handset with Verizon Cloud and regain photos stored in the cloud on your handset.  I will also add this comment - Verizon Cloud is a very new product and many useful features of its predecessor program, Backup Assistant Plus, have been removed in the current version of Verizon Cloud.  This is a huge disappointment to me, as I found out the hard way that all of my backed up photos(hundreds of them) must now be downloaded individually to my PC instead of via the method used in Backup Assistant Plus(a zip file of all photos could be created and downloaded in one file to my system).  I am waiting for a bit to see if Verizon won't reenable this functionality in Verizon Cloud so that I do not have to cancel my backup service with them as it is essentially useless the way it now stands.  Yes, it does afford a very limited backup but, to get photos back out of the cloud onto another device(short of syncing with the handset), involves an incredibly labor intensive process that would take me most of a few days to complete.  I will hope that someone in a position of authority at Verizon Cloud, involved in its product development, will oneday read these messages and make the product all that it can be.  Good luck to you!

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                Yes you have to download each picture one at a time.  I just got off the phone with technical support and that is exactly what the support person told me. I about flipped because I was just provided with a new phone due to a defective phone, only purchased the 25mg of cloud to get all my stuff off so I could download them back on only to be told that I will not have to download individually 723 photos, 27 videos and 45 songs which ate up just over 1.5gb of data yesterday.


                Like I really have all that time to sit and download all this stuff all day long!  If I would've known this I would've kept my defective and intermittent texting HTC Thunderbolt instead of letting Verizon send me a new Droid DNA which has just about sent me over the edge considering all that I've gone through with them this past month!

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                  All the pictures, videos and music would have been stored on the SD card of the Tbolt. There was no need to use the Verizon Cloud when removing the SD card from the phone and using a SD card reader on your computer to copy the files to the computer works easily.

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                    Not all of the stuff was on the SD card which meant I was going to have to store each one on the card and I was trying to avoid that plus the SD card as I wanted the info on the new phone which, sadly, does not have the capabilities to house an SD card (I wanted my music, pictures, videos, etc. on my phone not on my computer).


                    All I can say is if Verizon is going to offer the ease of everything transferring from their phones to the cloud then they should make it just as easy to download back onto your phone from the cloud.  I can't even look at my cloud online through my computer as I get the black & red spinning arrows of death that won't stop - only way to stop is to log out.

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                      I guess the hardest thing for me to believe is that the product predecessor to Verizon Cloud permitted bulk download of all photos from backup onto computer via zip format.  Instead of progressing with the backup product and making it more robust, for some very odd reason, Verizon saw fit to remove useful features which made Backup Assistant Plus a decent backup method that worked two-ways (to and from the phone and cloud) and put back in its place a massive impediment to data customers pay to store in the cloud.  Why on earth Verizon would remove bulk download is anyone's guess.  To save a bit of strain on their network while customers download?  I don't know for sure but it is a very bizarre move to take away features that were nice to have and use, and while charging the same amount, promote a new product with fewer useful features.  Bulk download is not all that was removed from Backup Assistant Plus when Verizon Cloud replaced it.  I can only hope in the very near future that the features making data accessible will be put back in place.  Otherwise, I see no point in using "Verizon Cloud."  It is more like a data jail the way things stand.

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                        Another thought:  it might be possible to sync data from Verizon Cloud to your phone then, using USB cable, download photos from the phone to your computer?  I have not tried that as I do not use two-way sync with Verizon Cloud.

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                          You hit the nail on the head.....it's a data jail!!!

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