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    How To Turn Off Emergency Alerts


      I went into the setting, I sent a text, I did everything I can find on the internet to turn off the emergency alerts. I even got a confirmation that they are turned off. I checked my setting and it says off.


      Yet every time there is a cloud in the sky my phone goes crazy about a possible thunderstorm.... being in Arizona its the most useless alert system in the world. Dust storm warning almost every dang day, and thunderstorm warnings with a 1 percent chance of it happening..... ugh! I can't even leave my sound on because I don't want to hear the annoying alerts anymore.....


      How do I turn them all off. I know there is some stupid rule about the president one not being able to be turned off, but I can't turn any of them off. My friends with different networks can turn theirs off no problem.....


      At one point I got it to stop alerting me, but still got the dumb code text for it, and now its back to alerting me..... even though I did nothing to my phone at all.....

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          Which phone do you have?  Have you checked the text message app or under the mobile networks options in the phone's settings?

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            I have an Xperia Play and have done that. Still getting alerts, got 3 of them today.....

            Some other people with Verizon have told me that it happens to them too, they turn it off and still get alerts.

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hi soldierone. I was in the car the other day with three other Verizon phone users and all our phones went off with an emergency alert, so I can understand that being extremely annoying going off so frequently. Those wireless alerts www.verizonwireless.com/govalerts are meant to be helpful to you, but you can chose to turn off Imminent Danger and Amber Alerts. Since you've already checked your settings and see that these alerts are off, do you possibly have any weather applications on your phone? The Imminent Danger alerts would not sound at every possibility of a thunderstorm or dust storm, but I've seen multiple weather applications that do send these alerts either through text message or direct alert from the app. Please double check the settings to all the weather related apps you have on your phone. Also, do you still receive the text message along with the alerts? If you do, what number or email address does it show those messages coming from?

              I'll be looking forward to hearing from you with more details.

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