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    What happened to Navigator?


      VZ Navigator no longer available as an app and not in the app store....anybody know what's going on??

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          My navigator has disappeared as well. Hopefully just an upgrade. If they suddenly make me pay extra for navigation, I will drop them and pay the penalty.

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            You can use Google Navigation instead and it's FREE.

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              But don't be eager to Update the New Google Map update 7.0.1 quite yet).  I was going too until i read some of the Reviews and it doesn't Look pretty lots of issue one is with the NAVIGATION  I usually wait a couple week and then update)  And if your a fan of Latitude Google is Removing it I just got a Reminder from Google Wednesday.. It was nice while we had it..

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                The Navigator and Local apps were removed when that stinkin' Google in its hubris decided to force users of android phones to use their maps application. They did this via a silent 'upgrade'. I hate google and don't use them for my search engine ever since they gave the COMMUNIST chinese govt. the contact info and emails of all chinese people that their govt. labeled as 'dissidents'. Then those people DISAPPEARED. Google is a CANADIAN company and CANADA has loooooong been a socialist state ... but I digress.

                To get your navigation and local icons/apps returned, go into 'manage apps' under the menu icon on the lower left of your phone (or system settings, then apps,). Then on the top horizontal bar, scroll to the far right to 'all' (apps). Then find the 'maps' app, touch it once to open its 'app info' screen, then if you see a button that reads something like 'uninstall updates', touch that button. It will uninstall the updates that removed 'navigation' and 'local' apps. It will take about 20 seconds, tops, to do the uninstall. Then go back out to your home screen, click on the apps button on the home screen, and you should find 'navigation' and 'local' icons, which you can set again onto one of your screens.

                Note: Google wants people to use their 'maps' app entirely for navigation and for searches for stores, restaurants, etc. etc. but personally I DESPISE that <expletive deleted> 'map app', since it generally returns some convoluted route instead of the correct route to your destination (you know what I mean if you know the area where you are looking for directions).

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                  I wasn't aware that "Mountain View, California" (Google HQ) was part of Canada o_O

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    Wow! Thanks for bringing to our attention Renegade1. While VZNavigator may not be an default app on the device, have you tried searching the market for it? The download of this app is still available in the Play Store. If you are having difficulties finding it then please share the issue that you are having just in case additional assistance is needed.

                    Thank you...

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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support


                      No need to waive goodbye over your navigator. But, let's get to the bottom of this vanishing icon. Which model device do you have? And which service were you using exactly? Please try downloading via the Google Play Store and let us know your findings.

                      Please follow us on twitter @VZWSupport

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                        Evan:. I have it still on my Razr Maxx non HD  it could of Vanished with the New Google Maps Update if you have a Test phone at your Side Update G Maps see if then Goes away Post back on here of what you find..  Thanks b33

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