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    Suspended service - too many SIM reactivations?


      Help! I have 2 Samsung Galaxy s3's, don't ask me why (long story). I recently cracked the camera on the one I was using. Today I decided I was going to use my other one without the cracked screen and transfer all my info onto it. As I was doing that I had to switch my SIM card back and forth to get the right information in the right place. I went to make a call when I was all done but Verizon suspended my service stating you are only allowed 1 SIM card reactivation per day and I have to wait until tomorrow. Well it's now after Midnight, which is technically "tomorrow" but I can't reactivate it. Thus no phone calls/texts/etc for me. How long is their tomorrow and when will I be able to reactivate my phone I spent so much time tweaking?!

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          Well if you have a way to call them at 7:30 i'd give them a Call). Here's the Number 1-800-922-0204  or *611 when the Automated device is asking as it does ask to Speak to a Representative.. One thing to Note! Swamping the Card back N fourth would've been Necessary One time is all take to transfer your info from phone to phone..

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            Exactly how many times did you swap it back and forth? I believe there is a limit to how many times you can swap between devices within a billing cycle. Four times is what I was told.



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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Dealing with a cracked screen is definitely no fun ekerr24. I'm sorry to hear that you had to switch devices. Do you have insurance on the line that has the screen cracked? If so, you can file an insurance claim. You can also check for upgrade eligibility by dialing #Upg or via My-Verizon. Yes you should be able to reactivate the SIM after mindnight but if you swapped them numerous time, there could have possibly deactivated the SIM. Power both phones off, then power on the phone your trying to use. If you continue to have issues, you will need to call us from an alternate phone for assistance. Please keep us posted.

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