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    Samsung Galaxy S4 Global GSM Does not work

    Umesh Shah

      Hi All,


      I have just got my brand new Samsung S4 from Verizon. I took it to India as it is and switched it on in India for the first time.


      I inserted a local GSM Card and it recognized the career fine which is Airtel. It was already on GLOBAL GSM network mode, however it does not search for any available networks!


      When i switch to GSM/UTS it does search for local networks and also shows a list of local networks, but when i select the local network operator (Airtel), it says Registering on Airtel and after a long wait it says Failed to Register. Or Could not register please try again later.


      On automatically assign it gives me the same error.


      It only searches network operator when i switch to GSM Network Mode. When i select Global GSM Network Mode it does not search at all. In fact the option to search Network Operator is greyed / Off / not available upon click!


      I had called Verizon before ordering the phone and they clearly told me that the S4 comes unlocked for Global use and i simply have to insert an International GSM Card and it will work. No settings, No configuration are required.


      But i am in middle of no where and my phone is not working on any of the GSM SIM cards in India.


      I am badly stuck please help. I am on a 6 months long travel and it really sucks.



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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi Ucshah,

          India sounds fantastic! I know how important it is to have a device that works properly when you travel. Let's get this resolved. While we cannot guarantee service on another provider, we can make sure that your device is set for global travel. Our Global team would need to unlock the device in order for the device to work Globally, but you would need meet the following requirements. Do you currently have service with Verizon Wireless? Has your service been active for the last six months and in good standing? Keep me posted.

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            I'm having the same problem with my daughter in Australia. I was assured by a rep that she would not have any problems using the phone globally, either with the VZW sim or a local one. I knew the guy didn't sound as if he knew what he was talking about. She just arrived last night and is frantic.


            She is there for 3 weeks and is with a group. They staff want them to all have local numbers so she got a local sim but it does not work. What is with the outright lies  from VZW reps?? I explained to him that this is my child going overseas and I need to make sure that communication will not be lost.

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hi Gimmeniz,

              Oh no! Having a properly working phone while traveling is important.Let's get this resolved. What happens when she puts in the SIM?  Is the device network set to Global services http://vz.to/14y5vHN? We can check the global features on the line. Please accept my follow, and then you can send me a Direct Message with the mobile number. She can call the Global Team at 908-559-4899 if changing these settings do not work.

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                It's working now. Thank you so much for your response.


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                  Hi Pam, you seem to be the expert on this...I have a VZW Samsung Galaxy S4 and I am going to the UK tomorrow evening.  What can I do, if anything to get it to be GSM by then?  Looks like I need a new SIM card and VZW may have to open it up for global use?  Where do i get a SIM card?

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    SheriD, the best way to get a SIM card  would be to go to a store. However, we are able to send them to you. If you would like one sent, please PM me your number and verification code so we can get that out to you.

                    VZW Support

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                      I just arrived in Japan with my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 and I had pre-purchased a pre-paid local SIM for the phone and had it shipped to where I am staying (actually a pair of identical SIM's, one for me and one for my wife).  I popped it in the phone and entered all the APN settings as directed by the carrier, however, it does not work.


                      I know the phone is capable of the right frequencies (at lest for SMS/Voice) as it got text messages detailing roaming costs when I first got here and had the Verizon SIM in still.  (I can't test voice/SMS with the local SIM I got as it is only for data)


                      It shows a banner of: Non-Verizon SIM - This SIM card is from an unknown source (though I think this may be just informational).


                      I was able to get into the APN menu and set things properly (unlike what some have reported with the older software on the Galaxy S3).


                      I am positive the issue is not with the local SIM since my wife's phone (a unlocked T-Mobile Galaxy S3) works perfectly with both SIM's.


                      I have re-entered and verified the APN info several times (and again, it works when I enter it on my Wife's Galaxy S3 with the same SIM), so I am pretty certain that is not the issue.


                      I am going to be here for two weeks traveling and I am desperate to get this working.  Any help is appreciated.


                      I called Global Roaming Support to see if my phone needed unlocking, and they swear up and down that it comes from the factory unlocked and that this should work.


                      As far as I am concerned this phone is defective (software wise) and does not work as advertised.  Unless their is some magic workaround solution that Global Roaming Support was unable to provide for me, I am ******* for the next couple weeks unless I buy/rent a phone here (I am not paying Verizons astronomical roaming rates).  I think I am done buying carrier mangled phones in the future.  I see a stock Google un-subsidized phone in my future on whatever carrier (T-Mobile?) would make the most sense.


                      Under "Mobile Networks" "Network Operators" is greyed out (though when I first put the SIM in I think that let me click on it, but trying to select one of the two operators that showed up failed - now it does not seem to be an option).


                      FYI-  This is the local SIM I am using


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                        I am also traveling to Japan this coming weekend, so it would be great if a Verizon representative responds to the gentleman above.


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                          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                          Your upcoming trip to Japan sound amazing selin319. I know the importance of ensuring you are able to use your phone while out of the country. I am happy to confirm that your Samsung Galaxy S4 will be compatible to use while in Japan. Prior to you leaving out of the country, please ensure you contact our Customer Service Department to ensure we activate the SIM card. In the event you encounter difficulites with service while out of the country you may contact our Global Support Team at 1-908-559-4899.

                          Thank You,
                          VZW Support
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