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    Samsung Galaxy S4 Active...when?


      When will the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active be offered by Verizon?

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          No one on these boards will be able to give you a specific date, let alone whether or not it even WILL be offered by Verizon.

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            When-O--When will Verizon step up and offer a Ruggedized Smart Phone?  I am NOT talking about a "rugged" Case

            for my smart phone.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active would seem to fit the bill.  AT&T seems to get all of the sexy new

            phones on "Exclusive" which implies that Verizon will have to wait 6 months to offer their version of the S4 Active.

            Put a rugged case on the S4 Active and you would have the best of both worlds of ruggedness covered.

            My contract is up.

            I am ready to upgrade...But Verizon does not offer any "Rugged" Smart Phones.

            AT&T does.

            What are my options Verizon????



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              Yes Verizon Wireless does have a rugged phone. Casio Commando.


              Just because it doesn't suit you, doesn't mean you should dismiss it.

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                I am interested in the S4 Active and it does not look good for Verizon to not offer this phone. 


                I am up for an upgrade and has a few months to go on my contract.  Verizon is going to loose my account for sure at the end of my contract.  ATT here I come....

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                  Why is Verizon late to the game on all phones? I am sure there is a true business reason, but one would assume - being the biggest and the best carrier  would carry some weight with the manufactures. HTC One and S4 Active?? why not carry them? if you are, what is the hold up ? Are you waiting for us to leave before you decide to carry them? ATT is knocking on your door, if you think folks will not leve for a better device selection you are not thinking!!


                  if you think there is no intrest go to google and see how many people are searching for the news on your release date??? I would think we are tired of waiting, we want to be the first on the block to have it, now we are just poor suckers waiting for you to feed us$%^&*().


                  If the other carriers can do it why no Verizon!!

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                    The reason VZW is late to the game with all phones is because they run on CDMA technology, have to load ****** bloatware on the phone, and strip out the good functions before it can be released. 80 to 90 percent of the world runs on GSM, so that means VZW will always be late to the game unless they pay extra to get the phone at the same time and eat the cost. I left for AT&T because VZW has the worst phone selection of all the carriers and their coverage is not as great as they tout it. I get 4G way faster on my AT&T phone in comparison to my VZW counterparts. My other thought is that if VZW doesn't care enough to announce phone availability earlier than a week before it drops, then they can keep waiting on people to buy them because I'm never going back. The day they allow me to buy any phone out there and bring it to their network, then I might consider coming back.

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                      Sprint runs on the same CDMA, but they get the phones the same time ATT does!!

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                        You are incorrect on that assumption yknotbw. Do they have the LG Optimus G Pro? Do they have the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active? That is a no on both phones, right? So you need to correctly state that Sprint gets some phones at the same time as AT&T, but most of the time it's after it has been launched on AT&T for a bit. Check official launch dates sometime and  you'll see that Sprint does not get 90% of the phones AT&T can get their hands on because of CDMA technology.

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