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    How much will texting cost in the U.S. Virgin Islands?


      I have called Verizon, emailed Verizon and gone into two different stores and gotten different answers at every place.

      I am going to St Thomas in the USVI. I have the IPhone 4S.

      I know to turn off data and roaming. I am not concerned about calls as we have a land line where we are staying.

      My question is texting. I have been told there is no plan they can put on for texting. I have been told IPhone to IPhone texting is free but other texts are 50 cents outgoing and 5 cents incoming. I have also been told there is no charge for texts from/to any phone.

      My sister was told to turn on international services and that there is only a 50 cent charge for PICTURE/VIDEO texts.


      Everytime I try to do a Verizon chat it is down- I have tried at various times for two weeks.
      Does anyone have a correct answer?


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          I think budone might have some experience with USVI coverage.

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            I have been to St Croix, however having an Alltel plan, it is different. I know with a VZW plan data you are fine, however calls, you are charged for.


            With an Alltel plan, all is covered, calls, messaging, data.


            Let me poke around and what I can find about texting

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              Just looked, it it 20c for each message sent or received

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Consistency is key, andymattmom.
                I'm sorry this isn't what you experienced.
                If ever there is a question about international services, I prefer to refer customers to our International Trip Planner which will list everything in black & white include dialing instructions. I'm sure this will help http://bit.ly/RvWHx7.
                Have a great trip!

                Please follow us on twitter @VZWSupport

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                  I am not sure the question is answered because St Thomas and St John USVI are US not included in international and going to international does answer the question depending on the plan is there any way to get a clear answer from Verizon specific to your plan and as to calls, texts and  data?

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                    I answered the question above on USVI. If you have a VZW Plan,. You pay for calls and messaging, data is handled usinf whatever your current data plan is.


                    If you have an Old Alltel plan, calls, messaging, data, are covered by the plan you have. For me, I have unlimited data and messaging so I would not be charged anything extra. Calls are handled under my 500 minute plan and N&W and F&F calls are handled according

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                      Update - I just used the International Trip Planner - http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/tripplanner/tripplannercontroller for Virgin Islands - US and found the following


                      • Voice Rate - Standard: $1.99 per minute
                      • Text Messages sent or received while in Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are billed as though you were in the U.S.
                      • Any data usage in Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands is considered domestic and will deduct from domestic allowances when available or would be billed at domestic overage/pay per use rates. See your current data plan or feature for details.


                      This slightly revises my summary above to the following

                      1. Calls (incoming or outgoing) - $1.99 per minute
                      2. Texts (incoming or outgoing) - handled with your current texting plan
                      3. Data - handled with your current data plan (assuming you can get data service where you are at in the islands)


                      Based on all of my research - I have no reason to believe that having my phone "Roaming" is causing me to incur any additional fees other than those I'll incur from making or receiving phone calls.

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                        My understanding you are looking at the roaming rates you will be charged for messages and calls


                        I sure would like to be there right now

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