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    IDEA - $30 Upgrade Fee Resolution


      The $30 upgrade fee Verizon is charging is utterly ridiculous of course. It is especially appalling, and a slap in the face insult to loyal Verizon customers. )I have been with Verizon for 13 years.)


      My suggestion to Verizon? Ok, fine so you say you have to charge this fee, at least try to offset it for LOYAL Verizon customers.


      Verizon customers 3+ years: $20 coupon towards accessories

      Verizon customers 5+ years: $30 coupons towards accessories

      Verizon customers 10+ years: $50 coupons towards accessories

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          AT&T’s upgrade fee is $36.


          Sprint's upgrade fee is $38.


          T-Mobile doesn't have upgrade fees since you have to purchase the phone at full price.


          The upgrade fee on Verizon isn't charged if you bring your own device or purchase at full price.


          Those coupons sounds similar to the old and discontinued NE2 program. I doubt Verizon Wireless will bring something like that back.

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            Who could complain about buying a $650 phone for $230?  I don't get it.

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Thanks for the suggestion, MeTexanVT. We appreciate all of the fantastic years you've spent with us and hope for many more. While Ann154 was right in mentioning we aren't the only ones to charge the fee and you do have the option of buying at retail to avoid the fee, I absolutely understand that this change is something that our long time customers will take some getting use to. It's really been put into place for anyone that signs a new 2 year contract to get a discount on a new phone. It's one way for us to be able to improve all the fantastic features, products, and services you've come to enjoy over the years. Not to mention come up with fabulous new things for you to enjoy down the road. We do have a Recycle Program where you can trade in many of your old devices to offset the charge of the fee or even the new device. Lots of customers have found it's a great way to get something wonderful out of their old device instead of it cluttering up the junk drawer in the kitchen. Visit http://bit.ly/GGnDDC to take a look if you have any old devices that can be turned in.

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                Great. The phone I purchased 2 years ago for $200 is now worth $10 trade-in.


                I am quite upset that loyal customers are not respected for their loyalty. Quite frankly, at this point Verizon has lost my loyalty, I see why people bounce from carrier to carrier, its easy and cheaper.


                The good brands recognize loyalty in their customers.

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  We absolutely respect your loyalty MeTexanVT,

                  Perhaps we can find other ways for long term savings together and you can continue to enjoy the most reliable network! What plan are you currently on? Have you reviewed our current plans: http://bit.ly/xdDajD

                  You can complete an account analysis right here http://vz.to/14Ea6sh to review how much you use each month.

                  Do you happen to have an employee discount? You can double check here www.vzw.com/discount

                  Keep me posted!

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                    Yes, I have done the account analysis but it is only for my current plan, which apparently does not transfer to a new phone.


                    And Yes, I applied for the 8% discount via the employee program.

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                      My analogy will be criticized but I will say it anyway. These complains about the upgrade fee is ridiculous. Suppose one were to complain at a Honda dealer that well the destination fee is higher or the prices of the cars are higher than Hyundai, and why is the honda warranty 60k miles and Hyundai is 100k? Or I can bring my own engine to Hyudai and my car payment will be cheaper? I'm switching. First of all, Honda doesnthave to match. Yes quality of the others may be catching up but when was the last time you heard of a hyundai retaining value or reliability at 200k miles? Hondas rep speaks for utself. Similarly so.does verizon. They have proven themselvea more than the others.  You may pay a bit more, but tou get what you pay for. Go get that hyundai cell phone deal and see how it works for you. For most it will be fine. But you will have more problems. And no I do not work.for verizon


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                        A car analogy is a poor comparison to cell service. The price of your vehicle differs on your trade in if you have one. The dealer transportation charge can be removed, as well as features you want or dont want.  You mention Hyundai versus Honda. Well at present Hyundai has top marks on price, value, warranty, selection from leading car magizines even over Honda. Look it up.  They now offer a $68,000.00 Hyundai Equis which is rated better than a Mercides Benz.  Their bumper to bumper warranty is 6 years 60,000 miles. Why is is Honda carries a 3 years 30,000 warranty? And the power train warranty is 100,000 miles versus 60,000 miles for Honda.  Hyundai makes a quality car, they back it up with customer warrantee better than the rest. I have owned two high end Hyundai vehicles and have not had a single issue with it. I keep each five years so it is always covered if something does go wrong. Honda cannot compare.  Verizon has the largest build out so they have the most coverage and most customers. However when the other providers build out Verizons edge will faulter. They will have to lower prices to compete and this will happen.  Verizon charges more because they have the coverage and because of the customer base can just raise rates willy nilly if they so desire. But they can do it now but in the future they will be reigned in.   The future is approaching quickly.

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                          I have purchased many Hyundai's actually, and because of my customer loyalty they waive many charges and fees.


                          I am not arguing against the fee itself, I am arguing that Verizon ignores customers who have been loyal, and this fee is one of the ways LOYALTY could be rewarded and a customer easily retained.

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