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    Why can't I send pictures from my Motorola Droid to my MacBook Pro via Bluetooth?


      I can pair the two together, but sending a photo from my phone to my computer 2 inches away fails.  On my phone it says "connection unsuccessful." When I try to connect to the phone via my computer I get the message:  There was a problem connecting to your device.  Make sure the device is on, in range, paired correctly, and services such as Bluetooth tethering are set up properly.  When I found Bluetooth tethering in my settings, the box is unchecked and when I check it it tells me I have to buy that service for another $30 or so a month!  Please don't tell me I have to buy that just so I can transfer pictures between my phone and my computer!  I play frickin' enough as it is!  What is the point of being able to pair the two when I can't do anything with the pairing!?