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    Insurance for iPhone 5


      Just got wife a new iPhone 5 and a email that came from Verizon appeared to be saying insurance was around $7 per month. When I got mine a year ago it was like $19 a month. Am I reading this right is it now only $7


      And what happened to option on site to send email to Verizon. Now all I can find is chat and it is always busy.


      Not a good move taking email option away!

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hi azonie,

            Congrats on your wife's iPhone 5! We do have several insurance options available for her phone.  We have the Extended Warranty for $1.99 a month, Wireless Phone Protection for $8.18 and Total Equipment Coverage for $9.99.  Here is the info for the insurance. http://phoneclaim.com/verizon/deductible Also, I am not sure why you are paying so much for your insurance. The prices have not changed for the iPhone. I do apologize for the email option not being available anymore. We have moved to the chat option to provide customers with instant solutions. You can also reach out on our Facebook page at Verizon Wireless or on Twitter @ VZWSupport. I hope this info helps out.

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