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    Delayed shipping of S4 32gb pre-orders without notification?


      I pre-ordered the S4 on 6/29 at 3am (I work nights), so I did an early preorder.   It states on my email and on the site at the time I ordered that it ships by 7/3; that time has come and gone and I have not received any follow up information.  I chatted with a rep last night (7/3) when it was getting late in the evening and she informed me that apparently all the preorders are delayed.


      Where is the notification that it is going to be delayed Verizon?  I swear you get worse at customer service as time goes on; If there was any comparable service in my area I'd be long gone, but alas I'm stuck with you.  AT&T almost makes it attractive since they don't strip the phones features and add as much bloatware.


      Anyone else not receive any notification?  Or did I get a bunch of smoke blown up my rear?

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