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    How can I get out of my contract?


      Can someone please let me know how I can get out of my contract?  I am very unhappy with Verizon & will be able to receive a better deal with another carrier.  I have called the customer service department about this issue & I am told there is nothing they can do for me, I have been a Verizon customer for about 10 years. Thanks

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          1. Get someone else to take over your account through AOL (Assumption of Liability) process.


          2. Cancel the account and pay the ETF.


          3. Port your number to another carrier which will cancel the line and you will incur the ETF fee if still under contract.


          There are options. It is a matter of deciding what you are willing to do.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Ctk, this makes me sad to hear that you want to leave our service. We've been together so long and want to spend many more years together. Tell me what's going on. You can also respond to my follow request, hover over my name and send me a direct message so we can review your options.

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              I think it is hilarious that Verizon would post this type answer? i tried to do the chat and it is "always" busy, and they have the nerve to ask why you would want to leave? Its obvious that the service is all lip service, they offer no real "customer service" Verizon seems to forget that they exist because they have "customers"  I too want out for many reasons but this one only exemplifies my reasons as also mentioned I cannot get anyone to reply or to answer a phone??? aren't they a phone company??? how ironic. Verizon doesn't want anyone to leave and they make it nearly impossible to do so, it should be against the law to hold people hostage to a bill. I bought my own phone so there is no real reason to have a "contract" especially if the provider is not holding up their end?  Look at other post there are some options. You can also send Verizon a letter to terminate for services not rendered. Also in this economy when folks get laid off or fired there should be provisions to allow the early termination. However, Verizon will fight to get money for no services?

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                The information posted on this thread regarding how you cancel a line is correct. I want to point something out in this post though. If you bought your phone at full retail price, you will not have a contract. Contact customer service if you need to discuss that. Regarding the contract being "hostage holding,"  the contract exists because you bought (for example) a $649.99 phone for $99. That is $550 the company needs to make up, hence the 2 year contracts. Essentially, you're paying the price of a phone over 2 years rather than all at once. For most people, that's great. For some, it's not, so if you're one of those people there are other options (full retail price for example). As for your idea of being able to terminate due to financial hardship, I have to agree that losing your job makes things tough, I've been there and had to cancel my cell phone service with Verizon once to save the money. They worked with me to pay off the ETF over time without hurting my credit.

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                  Anyway you can.  Also call and complain to get out of your contract due to them raising the Regulatory Charge fee that VERIZON strictly controls.


                  If they don't let you out without and ETF, make sure to file an BBB claim and an FCC Claim.    

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                    Sad to say but you won't be able to get out of your contract. They don't care you been with them 10 years either. We have been with them for around 6 years now and our third contract with them is up next month, so we were looking to upgrade our phones and wanted to see if we would be able to get a discount since we didn't want to pay almost 200 a month for 3 smartphones. Ofcourse they try to tell you that the share everything plan with 1gb of data for 170 a month is a great deal already, but fail to tell you that after the taxes and fees it's more like 200. After the run around with that, we talked to someone else in an online chat and he told us that the price for the share everything plan with 1gb of share data was 140 a month, when I asked him to show that price to me here online ( of course he couldn't ) instead came back saying well how does  120 a month sound?......how was he going to give it to us for 120 when he couldn't even show online where to find the 140 a month price. Seems like they don't care and you get a different story every time you talk to someone. Our contract is up next month and we will be more then happy to be free from verizon. The only regret we have is that we didn't print the copy of that online chat out showing we were given a price of 120 and should have went with that.

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                      Hah.  They'll do anything to have you stay man, you aren't a customer just a number.


                      Which is why I can't wait until my arbitration case goes through and hopefully get out of this contract.    

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                        You either pay the ETF or you wait out your contract.  Unless you can get someone to take over your contract (unless you have grandfathered unlimited this won't happen).  You signed a 2 year contract and got a phone at a subsidized price, this is part of the contract.  Without posting what sort of issues you are having its hard to say if they are at fault or if its the phone or you simply didn't do the research on how much you'd pay.  Be aware, you aren't really going to save much with another postpaid carrier.  I just got quotes from ATT, Sprint and T-Mo to see if they can beat my $165/mo after all taxes/fees for 2 smartphones and 1 dumbphone.  T-mobile was the only one who could but the REQUIRE that you do the payment plan so tack on another $25 per smartphone which actually brings their monthly payment for only TWO phones to more than my VZW bill. 


                        And bad customer service...  I've had nothing but good service for the 6 years I've been with them.  Not being able to have your way and get out of a contract YOU signed does not equal bad service, it equals them not feeling obligated to eat the $300+ of subsidies so you don't have to pay $600 for a new phone. 

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                          Can you give me some details about your arbitration case?