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    How do I get my new Samsung Galaxy 4 unlocked?


      When I bought my Galaxy S4 I exchanged it for an iPhone 5 that I had

      used in Europe with a just purchased SIM (20 pounds one month unlimited

      data and 300 minutes).  I was correctly told that the iPhone was

      unlocked.  But when I got back I exchanged it for Android again and got

      an S4 which I was also told was unlocked.  the same SIM did NOT work

      when I got to the UK - just kept telling me that it was not a VZ

      recognized SIM!  So I could not use it in spite of being told at the VZ

      store that I could use it as it was unlocked.


      Does any know what is really going on since VZ don't seem to know?


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          What reps at the store tell you is usually **. The only phone on VZW that is completely unlocked out of the box is the iphone as far as I know. Android phones tend to be both CARRIER-locked and SIM-locked. You need to obtain an unlock code to SIM-unlock your S4, but because of the CARRIER lock that still does not guarantee that a foreign SIM will work unless the carrier has a roaming arrangement with Verizon so that the SIM is recognized. Carrier locking is done so you can't put an AT&T SIM in a verizon phone here in the States even if the phone is SIM-unlocked. Carrier-unlocking in the US without carrier permission is now illegal.


          This is a total non-issue in Europe as far as I understand things. They have network-sharing over there and are cutting back on roaming fees, phones are totally unlocked and network inter-operable, tethering is included at no additional charge, and 20 pounds for 300 mins and unlimited data on a caller-pays basis (received texts & calls free) is a fantastic deal compared to the ripoff plans we have here. Ugghh.

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            Oh,  and i forgot to mention in order to get SIMs "VZW recognized" you need to get an international plan added to your account, which of course means extra $$$, The whole thing, like most things in this country, really makes me wrinkle my nose.