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    Very low signal in my area, why?


      I have no LTE service, no 3G service, and only 1 or 2 bars on my iPhone 5 while walking outdoors around my house. This has been happening since about 5 pm yesterday. I am Sacramento, CA. I normally have LTE inside my house.Can any Verizon Wireless Customer Support tell me if this is due to tower replacement or power outage?



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          Looks like there are many problems with LTE service on the east and west coasts. Hmm, I wonder if Verizon has a potential problem that they are not talking about. Should watch the stock analysts reports this coming week to see if there is news of problems.

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            The Best Way to address this is to Call 1-800-922-0204 or * 611 and use Option 3 Tech Dept).  Have the Rep. Check your account and while there looking in to it Mention what your seeing on your phone ask if there have been any outages or Towers down while on the phone ask them to check your PRL it may need to be updated if so they can push it out to the phone Since it's a 4G phone do Not use the * 228 method all you need to do is shut the phone down and re-power it up.. b33



            One thing to Note if your going to Call them Tonight you better get calling as they will be closing SOON.!

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              Thanks, but the tech people have not been helpful at all. And, I have powered my phone off/on at least 6 times. Thanks for your suggestions though.


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                Understandable i'v ran into this before as well.. You can try as i mentioned in my earlier post shut you iPhone down wait a few then power it up this may help to update the PRL.. or just help refresh the phone.. Hope that helps have a Good Weekend. b33