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    iphone 5 insurance


      Hello i bought my iphone 5 on october when it first got released and i did not put any insurance. I had dropped my phone and my screen cracked and I was wondering if i can put insurance now? if yes, will i be able to get a new phone?!?


      please thank you!!!!

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          What do you think? .... really????

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            No, you can not add insurance after you have the accident. Can you total your car and add insurance? No  Same here and both would be considered insurance fraud.


            If you could do such a thing, why would anyone ever buy it until it is needed. ya think insurance companies would stay in business long if they only received on payment then had to pay out a claim.


            Bite the bullet, get it fixed, suck it up for another 16 months, find another device on Craigslist or Ebay or pay full price and get another

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hello csalas14,



                   I'm SUPER sorry to read that your screen is broken. There's noting that's more of an inconvenience than having a device that you can't use. May I ask were you able to get your screen repair, as budone suggested? As stated, insurance can be added within the first 30 days of the purchase of a new phone. If you did not have this amazing feature then another option is to visit the Apple Store to see if a Genius can assist. If you are interested then I recommend making an appointment online as the store can get crowded. Here's a link so you can make one today.




              Thank you...



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