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    How to switch off LTE in Galaxy S4


      I have a Network Extender that worked fine wtih 3G phones.  Apparently it won't work with 4G LTE phones.  I have been told that by Verizon that this is the case.  There appears to be no way in the S4 from Verizon to disable LTE and lock 3G on.  I have seen all sorts of discussion around apps that take you to a secret screen to swtich.  Others say that it can't be done due to a limitation by Google.  Bottom line is that my S4 is worthless at home due to poor signal coverage and preference by phone to link to very weak LTE signal.  I would like to know how to lock phone in 3G mode for use with the extender as it seems to be very iffy.

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          You may be able to get an app to turn off your 4G/LTE I don't really know but you are correct on the VZW network extender they do not do the 4G/LTE.  We use to be able to switch it off but not anymore that I know of on most phone AFAIK on either one of my S3 I can't turn it off and I have the android 4.2.2 as you have on your S4.

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            The voice calls go over the 1xRTT network not the LTE network.

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              The extender does work with 4G phones, it just operates at 3G speed.  There is no need to lock anything.  The phone connects at whatever speed is available.

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                Hey there Skyespye,

                Congrats on the new S4!  It is an awesome phone and I am thinking about getting my hands on one myself. 

                At this time the network extender accessory does not support 4G LTE service, but you should be getting atleast 3G signal.  Are you getting atleast a 3G signal on the device?

                There is not a way to switch to 3G only on the Samsung S4.  You can try a third party application to do so, but I am unfamiliar with any.

                Do you have access to WiFi while at home?  This may be your best option for optimal data speeds while indoors.

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                  Hi Skyespye,

                  Thanks for reaching out. I know that getting that Network Extender is very important to get your voice calls.  It is very easy to make sure your phone is getting the proper signal.  All you need to do is go to Menu, Settings, Connection then go to More Networks.  Then choose Mobile Networks and Network Mode.  Make sure that LTE/CDMA is checked.  You should have no problems connecting your Network Extender. Let us know if you need anything else.


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