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    Price drop on iPhone 5??


      So, now that Walmart has dropped the price of their iPhone 5 to $130 with a 2yr contract, how soon will we see a price drop from Verizon?  The new iPhone is set to be released in September...

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          My guess would be the same day the next iPhone is released will be the earliest you will see any price reduction by Apple/Verizon (remember they pretty much control the carrier prices).

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            If you want to save $70 go to Walmart for your iPhone 5, just don't expect to even look at the box until its paid for, plus the salesmen don't know how to activate them.  I spent 2 hours while they tried to figure it out after which they really didn't do anything.  After leaving I tried to use my phone only to find out it wasn't activated.  I had to call Verizon and was told they had no record of it on my account,  luckily I had the receipt showing the model# Sn# and proof i bought it.  after another 20 min on the phone with Verizon i finally had a phone.  So if you are patient and realize Walmart employees haven't a clue how to activate you can save $70 from the $199 Verizon charges.

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              Don't buy from a 3rd party unless you're willing to accept the additional restrictions such as much larger ETF fees, etc.