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    How do I report no service?


      There is no Verizon Wireless Service in Muncy PA.  It has been out since yesterday.  I can't find any way to report this, since all reporting requires a phone.  What is the email address I can send this to?

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          There isn't an e-mail address, but you can use the chat feature by going to the top of the page and selecting Contact Us, then under Get in Touch, click the blue View More.  On the left-hand side, click the red Chat Now button.  You also can report it via Twitter.

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            There are so many people with the same issue in PA... Muncy, Hughesville, Picture Rocks, Bloomsburg, Montgomery.... Yet zero responses from Verizon (great way to make customers feel appreciated & valued, huh?!) There are an awful lot of customers that are now owed credits for the two weekends in a row with no service. 

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              For those of you in the Muncy, Pennsylvania area - the tech supports most recent report (just a few minutes ago) stated that it should be restored some time tomorrow.  This is their estimate.  It goes beyond Muncy, but I am not aware of other areas.  Bloomsburg and Scranton have service.  Also, call Verizon Wireless as soon as service is restored.  They will provide us with a credit for the day (or possibly more if service is not restored by tomorrow) - for each phone.  I notified them early this morning; however, they insisted it was my phone.  I am quite unhappy with how the situation was initially handled and not satisfied with the current update.  Even PPL can provide us with an estimated restore time during a bad storm.  There is no email address to contact them with, and the CHAT button has been unavailable nearly all day.  Only once this evening could I access it - but they were no help either.  Good Luck MUNCY residents!

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                Demand a credit - for all phones on your account!

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                  Chat feature has been "busy" all day.  Verizon wireless should provide us with an email address for tech reporting issues.  Even if they do so with drop down boxes to generalize the issues.