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    LG Extravert phone wont turn on.


      my phone died last night so i plugged in the charger, but it only gives me the verizon logo for a second or two and goes back to blacks screen.

      I figured id leave it over night to charge and when i woke up still, wont turn on. help?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support


          I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your device. We certainly want to get it back up and running. While on the charger, does the device show that is charging, by a back light or indiciation light? Have you tried removing the battery and leaving out for 10 minutes and retrying? Also you can try to hold down power button and both volume buttons for 15 seconds to do a soft reset. Let us know if any options show improvment, otherwise we will review other steps.

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            I am sorry to post on an old thread, but I am experiencing the same issue.


            My LG Extravert will not turn on when I hold down the 'END' button.
            It charges normally, and is now fully charged. The screen even lights up to show the charging status, but will not fully power on. I tried leaving the battery out for 10 minutes and the soft reset you suggested to the OP, but the phone doesn't respond in any way.

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              GreatMizuti- I'm sorry that your phone will not turn on, that surely makes it difficult to use. Since you have tried all the troubleshooting steps, then you would want to look into replacement options. Do you know if the phone is under the manufacturer's warranty? Also, is there any physical or moisure damage?