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    Galaxy S4 Active???


      I've been with Verizon for many years and my contract is up again and I need a new phone/contract... is there any knowledge of the S4 Active (waterproof galaxy s4) coming to Verizon? At&t announced and started taking pre-orders for it last week and it will be available June 21st through them. I really would like to stay with Verizon if I can find a date that they will have this waterproof S4. But my phone has slowed more rapidly the longer its been since my contract has expired.. so if Verizon isn't going to offer this version of the S4, I will most likely switch providers in the coming weeks. Does anyone know if Verizon will get the Galaxy s4 Active? If so, Rumor of a release date?

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          I sure hope so. I am also waiting for either the s4 active or the g'zOne c811, whichever comes first. And I sure hope it is the g'zOne because I like the uniqueness of the g'zOne product line

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            I am interested in this phone too...when when when?

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              I'm waiting on the same phone. The only waterproof phone that Verizon carries is the laughable G'Z One. Even the 'new' one expected to drop soon is at least two years behind the curve. The S4 Active is the only phone other than Xperia Z that can fill a gaping hole in VZW's device list. But the Z has been confirmed as exclusive to Tmobile, so the Samsung is the only option.

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Hi RedSir
                Thank you for your years of loyal service. I'm sorry I don't have any information about that device yet. We are constantly coming out with new devices. Check here frequently for news: http://bit.ly/n5snpq
                Let's look into any device issues you have. Which device do you have? When did it start to slow down? Did this start after an app was downloaded?

                I would never want to lose you as our customer. Please reply back so we can get this addressed.


                Please follow us on twitter @vzwsupport

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                  Thank you for the link to your news feed. I too am waiting and hoping for a VZW version of the Galaxy S4 Active. I'm not necessarily loyal to Samsung, but I would like a durable HIGH-END phone. Unfortunately, the specs I've seen regarding the new VZW Commando 4G LTE lead me to believe that while it will be more rugged than the Samsung, it will be more of a mid-range device. I too am eligible for an upgrade, and I too have been having significant problems with my current device (HTC Thunderbolt) as of late. (Ever since the OTA upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich back in February.)


                  I am an avid backpacker, camper, and biker, and I simply want a device that can keep up with me. My research leads me to believe that that device is a Galaxy S4 Active. As a loyal and generally satisfied customer of Verizon (note the previously mentioned activities and the need for a reliable signal even in rural areas), I hope to see a VZW version of the Galaxy S4 Active soon.

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                    Yes, I'm in the same boat.  Since the OS upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich on my Thunderbolt it runs slower than a turtle through peanut butter. I would kill for the S4 Active. Why is Verizon always the last to get these things???

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                      I have an iPhone 4. And it hasn't gotten worse since downloading apps. Really just seems like it started shortly after my contract had expired and has continued to get worse over the months since. I just hadn't wanted to upgrade and renew a contract with a phone I didn't want. I'm wanting to get away from apple and the S4 active would suit my lifestyle amazingly. But everything I'm reading, even after today's Samsung event in London, is its only being put out through AT&T here in the US. I guess I'm gonna give it another week or so and keep researching to try and hear if Verizon will carry it, but unfortunately if they don't release any conformation on it soon... I have decided to switch. Blah. Lol


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                        I too am ready for an upgrade and have been waiting for the Active to be released on Verizon.  Over the last few months my Bionic has become amazingly sluggish and texting and typing has been painful due to speed and errors. I have loved Verizon's service through the years and would hate to switch providers to get the phone that fits my lifestyle. I am an avid outdoorsman - hunting, fishing, snowboarding, and basically anything outdoors. Verizon has given me awesome service in most all rural environments i find myself in. Having a waterproof/dust proof phone would be amazing and would save me a fortune on Ziplock bags.


                        Can Verizon provide ANY information about the Active? If Verizon is going to release it or not would be very helpful to know. Someone must know if this is in the works for Verizon. If it is, any hint of a possible release date? It is frustrating that Verizon has not even mentioned anywhere that I've researched, whether they will even be offering this phone. Throw us a bone, Verizon. At least we'll have an idea whether to keep holding on to hope or look for another Verizon offering or switch carriers. Either way, we'll know if we should keep agonizing with our current phones a little longer or just move on.


                        I personally would be very disappointed if Verizon did not step up and offer the Samsung S4 Active. I would hate to have to switch to iPhone 5 with the waterproof case. I really don't want an iPhone but don't know what would work best for my outdoor applications, remaining durable and waterproof.

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