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    Cursor scrolls down (sometimes up) all by itself


      Similar issue that Hannah10 reported on her Bold.


      My Bold 9930 started scrolling down all by itself a few months ago.  It didn't (and still doesn't) do it all the time but has recently started to do it going up as well as down.


      When I spoke with a Verizon rep at that time, they told me that I needed to download Blackberry Desk Top Manager and sync my phone.  Did that last week (computer had major problems running the Blackberry Desktop and that's why it took me so long) and completed sync but the phone is still having the issue.


      The scrolling can occur on any screen - email, websites, main icon page - and will scroll to the bottom (or sometimes now the top) of the page.  I fight it by scrolling in the opposite direction or just go to the main icon page to prevent scrolling back months into my email...


      If I hold my finger on the cursor key pad, it will hold the cursor in one spot.  But as soon as I take my finger off, it will start scrolling again.  This is particularly maddening when I'm trying to text or type an email, as you can imagine...


      Pulling the battery doesn't make a difference.


      Software version is 7.1.0 Bundle 2123 which my phone tells me is up to date.


      Hoping there's a fix for this.  I really like my Blackberry but this is driving me crazy!

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi Jcivince,

          That's not good! I know it can annoying when your phone is moving by itself. It's important to have a properly working phone at all times. Let's get this fixed. Since, you have already completed a Blackberry Manager backup of your entire device. The next step that I would recommend is going to be a Hard Reset(Wipe Handheld) http://vz.to/HrQkCY, per it sounds like the software is corrupted. Once complete, you can use the Blackberry Manager software to reload the latest backup to the device. Keep me posted.

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