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    Droid 4 / Bluetooth / Ford SYNC problems


      I bought a Droid 4 in October, 2012. In November. 2012 I bought a Ford C-MAX hybrid with SYNC with My Ford Touch. I successfully paired the phone with the car and everything was fine until April, 2013.


      In mid-April my Droid 4 failed, was under warranty, and I was sent a replacement. Within 10 days my SYNC system began to fail on hot afternoons. Everything would show connected, but the phone didn't work, the radio didn't work, and none of the dials, buttons or paddles worked. *Usually* after turning the car off for 10 min. or so, it would all work again. When it was in this state, the only way I could make a phone call was to un-SYNC the phone.


      Twice I drove the car to the dealership so they could see this in action, but it was always too late in the day for them to run diagnostics on it.


      Fast forward to now. I left the car with the dealership for 11 days while on vacation. They were unable to duplicate the problem. They did NOT have my phone. I picked the car up on Tuesday, and 5 hours later, SYNC failed again. Thinking it may have been the replacement phone, which was a refurb, I had my number switched to a new Droid 4. Yesterday afternoon, SYNC failed again. It always happens on hot afternoons, but never early enough that I can take it to the dealership for diagnostics.


      The dealership thinks it's the phone........someone on a C-MAX forum mentioned the *bluetooth chip set* in the car* I don't know......I just want it all to work like it's supposed to......like it did before April.


      Any ideas?