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        I disagree with the "good as new", but I guess it depends how you look at it.  Each refurbished phone I have gotten has had marring under the Windows button on the phone as well as a few other minor cosmetic issues.  Being that I am on my third phone in the last 6mo since launch (and soon to be on my 4th because this one is having the SAME problem) I find this infuriating.  What was the point of paying full price for a phone that does not work past 3-4 weeks and you can only get refurbs.

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          Call Nokia support directly, 1-888-665-4228 instead of VZW support they are useless and I'll keep saying this I bet VZW keeps shuffling the same refurb phones to those that get replacements.

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            The exact same issue with this phone here.  Moreover this is my third 928. My first one had a locking screen, my second one did not even boot, and now this one works only over the back speaker on incomings calls. BTW: Made in China.

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              I am starting to noticed this problem from the past 2 months, but only late (the last few weeks) called and let the Verizon Wireless representative feel my WRATH about the poor quality. I asked them is it the network? and they said they opened up a trouble ticket to determine the cause. The technician called me back and said that I was in a variable service area, and recommended I get a power extender, or another device. I am calling Nokia with PRIMORTAL's number. I am starting to hate this phone now. I have tried several times to call people with my speaker phone on and i can hear them well. only when i turn the speaker phone off, do I start to not hear the other caller.

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                Let's know what Nokia says.  It would be interesting to see what they say over VZW.  I love the fact they are forcing an extender down your throat or pushing off to another device.  An extender isn't going to help you when your out of the house

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                  They told me to reset the phone by

                  Press and hold the volume down and power buttons together for about ten seconds and the phone will vibrate and restart. I tried it and i am starting to hear people better. No more having to say: "Hello?, Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?" Let's see how long this works Primortal. Good Luck!

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    That's no good JackAlex! Are you having these sound difficulties when using other functions or apps such as music or video? Have you tried a headset or earpiece?

                    VZW Support
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                      The reset is still not working. I thought it worked the first few times trying to call, and talk. I tried turning on Speaker Phone to talk and listen again and it works fine. I even tried plugging an earphone into the the jack, and I had to talk to the other person with earphones on. The conversation was clear and crisp. No static, no dead sounds, i can talk and hear perfectly, just with an earphone. I will call or stop by my Verizon store and have a talk with them about my options. I will cal Nokia back again and talk about my options with them. I hope this helps other people with bad ear pieces.

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                        So my original nokia 928, purchased brand new in July malfunctioned (headphone issue). They sent me a refurbed 928 that's starting to have tactile screen issues. The screen will lock up and wont respond to touches. I know the phone didn't freeze up because the volume rocker and side buttons still work. This happens about twice a day and requires a hard-reset. When the verizon employees tell you that refurbs pass quality control and will function fine, its bogus. This is the worst experience I've had with verizon and nokia/windows phone. Zero customer satisfaction......

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                          Verizon Wireless Customer Support


                          Having a fully functioning phone is definitely a must and I'm here to help! I understand how frustrating it can be to have to hard reset you phone, let alone twice a day. Let's get to the bottom of this!

                          What exactly is happening with the screen? Is it not responding to your touch? Does it happen when accessing a certain app or function on the phone?

                          When you do the hard reset are you re-installing all the 3rd party apps back on the phone?

                          I'm sure we can get this resolved so you can go back to enjoying your phone and service.


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