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      • 160. Re: Galaxy Nexus 4.3 OTA Upgrade?

        Thanks for the info. I may try that over the weekend. I appreciate it. I'm in Rochester, NY. Regardless of where I am in the country and the wifi network I'm connected to, this has never worked.


        Then again, I only have to deal with this issue for another three months until I move to ACTUAL GOOGLE SOFTWARE WITHOUT VERIZON GARBAGE LAID ALL OVER IT. *deep breath*

        • 161. Re: Galaxy Nexus 4.3 OTA Upgrade?

          Ooh one thing I have to warn you on, some game data does not properly

          backup, if you have any games with MicroTransactions in it that you've

          purchased game currency for, you'll want to check with them to see how they

          suggest you do a backup & restore so you don't lose your progress/purchases.

          • 162. Re: Galaxy Nexus 4.3 OTA Upgrade?

            Also on stock 4.2.2.  I've lived in northern and central VA and had the issue in both locations.  I have wiped the phone a couple of times since I've had it, although I haven't specifically tried sending a MMS without restoring from Google's cloud backup first.  I appreciate the input although don't really feel like wiping my phone again... I think I'll just suffer through for the next three months.


            TenaciousMV: weird coincidences - I have the same "release date" from VZW and I was born in Rochester!  Small world.

            • 163. Re: Galaxy Nexus 4.3 OTA Upgrade?

              Ha, small world indeed.


              12/15/13 shall be a glorious day for a couple of current and past Rochesterians.

              • 164. Re: Galaxy Nexus 4.3 OTA Upgrade?

                My Prediction:  Considering Verizon skipped two updates before 4.2.2, I believe that they will wait until Kit-Kat is released and then about 1 month later release the update.  I agree with all that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is NOT a Nexus.....more like the Verizon Galaxy Noxious.  I currently have 4 phones with Verizon and it is highly unlikely that I will continue with Verizon once my contract is up. 

                Verizon just doesn't seem to get the "Nexus" concept. 

                • 165. Galaxy Nexus 4.3 OTA Upgrade?

                  Just bumping this as it would be nice for Verizon to roll out 4.3 sometime soon.

                  • 166. Re: Galaxy Nexus 4.3 OTA Upgrade?

                    So it was just announced that the HTC was getting 4.3 in a week. Verizon, what is going on? This is incredibly frustrating and your customer supports' obvious canned responses only increase that frustration by seeming to assume that we are ******. They come off as belittling with their candy coded cheerfulness that only provides empty words with no solutions Give some statements with concrete terms and goals please.

                    • 167. Re: Galaxy Nexus 4.3 OTA Upgrade?

                      I'm buying a Note 3 next week, I'll get it then

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