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    iphone will use my 2gb data limit instead of my wifi


      I dont know if this is right so please feel free to let me know what you think about these two issues


      I upgraded my sons phone and lost his unlimited data plan to a 2GB plan. The day of the upgrade, after the upgrade, we came home and he transfered all his music to his new phone. First, the change from unlimited to 2GB started immediately, which meant instead of finishing out this billing cycle as unlimited I was prorated for a few days of the new plan which made us go over the limit. That sounds like really bad customer service.


      Second, it seems that even if you are in tour house, and your phone recognizes the wifi, it will not change from vellular until you go into the settings and disable the cellular data. This means that even when you think you should be downloading over wifi you are still on Verizon network chewing up data limits.


      Really expect more from Verizon.