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    When Am I A New Customer Again?


      If I cancel my contract with Verizon, how long is it before I am considered a new customer again?

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          Maybe setting up a new line of service without having any previous information transferred over from your old account including (name, address, ESN, IMEI, ICCID, Email) and maybe a few other things, but if you completely Disconnect your line, and start up new service with the Same ESN of the device, they have to pull up previous accounts with it to check the current status of the device.



          Maybe this answered your question

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            I believe it is 60 to 90 days before you can start a new line of service without them pulling up your old account information and reinstating the previous account. If you cancel your account without porting your numbers somewhere, you will lose those phone numbers.

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              My wife and I want to take advantage of the new customer pricing for the galaxy note 2 on amazon.com. For new customers they are only charging $79.99 for the galaxy note 2 and $0.01 for the Galaxy S3. We just finished our two-year contract and would like to purchase new phones. The thing is new Verizon customers are getting ridiculously low prices compared to upgrade customers like myself. My idea was to cancel my contract and then come back to Verizon as a new customer.


              I have been toying with the idea of porting my cell number to Google Voice to save my phone number, then cancel my verizon account, open up a new verizon account with new phones and phone number, and lastly porting my number back to verizon from google. Does this sound like it could work?


              I asked a verizon customer service rep on the phone today and she believed that it would work. I plan on calling another rep tomorrow for a second opinion. What do you think?

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                when you  drop your plan  totally and  then  get a new one. BUT    you have to go througj the credit check etc,.  all over again  and   there will be no record of the old acct

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                  You would have to wait the 181 days per Amazon's purchase policy before making any changes to your "new" account including porting your "old" phone numbers over the numbers assigned when you get when you open a new account on this plan of yours.


                  Also it is Amazon that's making the deal different for new customers and returning customers. The price is the same for new and existing customers on the Verizon Wireless website. The only difference is the price of the activation fee and the upgrade fee.

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                    I really couldn't say if it would work or not, seems more trouble than its worth to me, its all from the companies perspective to bring even more customers thats why they are doing New Customer specials.... kind of the same of people buying a house for the first time under the First Time Buyers program.