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    Samsung SCH-U660 - OTA Software update issues




      My two SCH-U660 phones are having the same issue: the outside display is on, and when I open them, it asks me to proceed with a software update. I click on [OK], and a message "Connecting" is displayed. Some network activity takes place, but for long minutes nothing else is displayed. If I perform the manual update, I get a message "Server unavailable".


      The phones are really great, but many times a day they ask for a OTA software update. The problem is that if I leave them unattended, the display keeps on and drains the battery quickly. I wonder if someone else is experiencing the same issue I am (on two phones!), or whether Verizon Wireless is having issues with the update server.



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          I went through this today too, there was a glitch in the automatic update, but there is a manual fix.  Go to:


          *Settings & Tools

          **Phone Info

          ***Software Update


          You now have two choices:

          *Status - When I opened "status", then scrolled down it told me my last update was March 19, 2012


          *Check Now - When I clicked OK on "check now"  it connected and told me an upgrade was available. Follow the prompts and you will be connected, then see a warning that it will take 2 minutes, and that you can not make or receive calls.  then the upgrade begins.  The screen goes black and you see a % bar that monitors the progress.  At the completion, the phone powers off and powers back on and you are good to go.  To confirm go back to "Status" and see if it says June 6, 2013. (or whatever date you update)


          Now the question is ..... what did that update do?  (the last update changed delay on the front buttons to prevent pocket dialing)



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            Thanks, thirdeye. I did the manual process and on "status" I was told that the software was up to date, and the last check date (not update date) was yesterday's date.


            When I forced the update ("check now") I still got the "server unavailable" message, and no further action, only to press [OK] and get back to the menu.


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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hi Wtt,

              Thanks for reaching out. I would be a little frustrated if I was not able to update my phones. You have some great phones! Let's get those updates done.  From what I am reading it says connecting and that's all you are getting.  By any chance, do you have data blocks on your account. If you do, the update will not go through.  If you do, you can log onto My Verizon http://bit.ly/xB4iTc  and remove them temporarily and then add them back on the line. Please let us know.

              Thanks, BobbyS_VZW

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                I talked to support and I did have data blocked, they unblocked, told me to turn off my phone and then turn it on and do the update. I did that and it still just sat there trying to connect, apparently that was not the problem. Any other suggestions?

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                  Thanks Verizon tech...I un-clicked the data block, clicked on continue to activate the new settings, and went into my phone info, and checked for new downloads, and it worked.  FINALLY

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                    That works, but then it says that data charges might apply. Should this be free?

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                      Should be Free....Just checked my data  usage and was not charged ....Yet  **** to pay if I am 

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                        Thanks Bobby S.!  I logged on to My Verizon, turned off the data block, and the software updated completed successfully.  Thanks for resolving the issue!!

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                          I'm having the same problem with both of my Samsung Convoy II phones. I added the minimal data plan, and had to add texting to get that plan, and I still can't get the update - it says server unavailable. I can't stay up all night trying to get this fixed, and I don't want the data plan or the texting on my cell phones. I'm getting tired of having to charge my cell phone every day because of an update I can't get unless I have a data/texting plan I won't use (and I sure don't want the texting because I refuse to be charged for spam texts from God knows who).

                          We switched to Verizon for the wider cell phone coverage, but I'll be reconsidering that when our contract is up this September if this issue with the updates isn't resolved. Why isn't there a way to disable updates for cell phones that have data and texting blocked? If we have those blocked, it's for a reason, and having to unblock them and then reblock them after an update is an unnecessary task for us. Not to mention trying to figure out that that was the problem in the first place. Our local Verizon was no help at all when I went in to ask them for help with this. She said to ignore it, open our phones up and then close them again, that would shut off the update. Fine, I can do that if I happen to see it happening, but when it happens in the middle of the night, when I'm sleeping, it drains my battery and my phone is dead in the morning. Needless to say, I am NOT a happy camper.

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