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    $30 Upgrade Fee?!?


      Feeling very frustrated right now... my phone was stollen out of my 7 day olds stroller... I purchased a new phone at the 2 year upgrade rate offered to me by Verizon.  Then I receive my bill from Verizon which includes  a $30 Upgrade Fee?!?  I paid out of pocket to replace my phone with the same phone and continue the same service... please explain to me where there was an upgrade?  I received no additional service or value for this fee. I have been robbed of my phone by some stranger and now I feel as though I am being robbed by Verizon too.  I was told that this fee can not be credited ... then I was offered a $15 partial credit?  If you can credit $15 then you should be able to credit $30.  Repeatedly pointing out that your Upgrade Fee is less than other carriers is irritating, after all I am not with those other carriers for a reason... right? As a customer of 8 years+ I feel that the service I received is not reflective of  company that values  and would like to retain its loyal customers. 

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          sadly we dont have free market in this country. the game is if tmobile and att did it.why cant i? price fixing is out of control.

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            sprint also does


            verizon is also the lowest


            you got a partial credit becase the person you called is trying meet you in the middle and provide customer service, you actually aren't entitled to anything since you didnt read anything you signed up for..

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              <double post>

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                Commonsense101... Actually, tmobile is nearly half the price.  Customer service is making a reasonable customer feel better about the service they are receiving... not meeting a customer in the middle, that would be a compromise.  You are right they don't HAVE to give me anything.  They also do not have to charge their customers a Upgrade Fee... especially when there has been no upgrade. It is a service fee which SHOULD be applied when a service is requested or provided. Just because Verizon is the last provider to come on board with this fee does not make it any less ridiculous... After all if everyone jumped off a cliff would you?


                I have seen a good deal of customers posting their objections to this fee and their LOYALTY is being attacked.  Loyalty to a company does not mean sticking around when you are being taken advantage of... Shame on any person, company or employee who would suggest that.


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                  I agree this is a total scam - I have also been with Verizon for 8+ years and have brought people over from AT&T to Verizon, proving I am loyal to the company. I don't care if Verizon is the last company to initiate an upgrade fee, or that they have one of the cheapest fees, it's insulting to treat loyal customers like this. All 3 phones on my account were eligible for an upgrade several months ago, but I have refused to because I can't decide if I should stick around and pay then $90 just for letting them keep my business. Why shouldn't I just jump each company every 2 years to the company who is offering the best price/discounts at the time.

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                    I have been with Verizon since at least 2002 - possibly even earlier, but due to the $30 upgrade fee PER PHONE...I will be shopping for another carrier.

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                      You know for the posters saying they did not get value I can only say you are totally wrong.


                      You received a brand new phone for $200 versus paying up to $700 depending on phone selection.


                      You did not pay full price so you received valud right there.


                      You can go to T-Mobile or Sprint and pay for your phone at full cost spread out over many months and Verizon has this option as well, you pay an activation fee of $36-$38 which is higher than Verizons $30 and you may or may not get better service. But you make the choice.


                      To the first poster you had your phone stolen, if you had to pay full price for the replacement you would be real upset. But verizon sold you a replacement at that same subsidize price, I would say they were pretty decent with you and yet you complain.


                      If you have renters or home owners insurance you need a police report for the theft and your insurance policy will pay for that loss by theft minus your deductible which is fair.


                      You don't want any upgrade fee, then pay full price its that simple.

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                        Elector... I bought the iPhone 4S ( to replace my stolen iphone 4s) and paid the going Apple rate for it with most providers right now when renewing a contract.  I have been eligible for an upgrade for a year now.  I have been eligible for this 'subsidized' price for quite sometime... this is not anything special that they have done for me given my predicament. This reduced price for a 2 yr renewal is nothing new... They have always offered this... however, tacking on the $30 upgrade fee is new. Also, if I felt as though I was receiving superior service or any service at all for this $30 upgrade fee I would not feel taken advantage of!


                        Please tell me what NEW service or value I received during this transaction to justify this new $30 upgrade fee?


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                          Since you seem to want to claim the price is "not anything special" but just the "going Apple rate for it with most providers", the SAME argument can be put forth with the $30 upgrade fee. It is "not anything special" but just the "going rate for it with most providers." In fact, Verizon charges LESS than the going rate as most other providers charge an upgrade fee of GREATER THAN $30.


                          Please tell me why you feel Verizon should follow the "going rate" for some things but not for others?

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