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    4G Speeds in my area


      I have checked my speeds for a few weeks now. I live in the Montgomery, Alabama area, I get between 600k and 1200k down. I am paying a good amount for 3 phones with 4G LTE service.


      I went to the local Verizon store. I checked Android phones and Windows phones. They got the same awful speeds.


      When I call for help, all I get is the same old reset your phone story. Its not my phone.


      I don't like getting 4G LTE service which is slower than most 3G. My contract is up in a month - and if nothing changes I will be moving on.

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          Same here in Chicago.  Lately, I get no connection at all.  Trying to test on Speedtest and get "Network communication issues".  The sad part is I switched to Verizon last year because ATT was so bad here.  Apparently a LOT of other people did too and now Verizon is the un-usable phone.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hi DC4000,

            Oh No! I'm extremely sorry to learn that you're having issues with 4G service in your area. I absolutely understand the importance of top notch service at all times. Let's get to work and get this resolved today. What device are you using? Do you have an exact location or zip for the area? Please keep us posted, thanks!

            VZW Support
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              I am normally in 36066 (Prattville Alabama area) or 36117 (Montgomery Alabama area). As stated earlier, I tested new display model phones in the store also. I've done this on 2 different days a week apart.


              My 4g phones: Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Moto Droid Razr

              My 3g phone: Moto Droid Pro


              4g phones tested in store in the 36066 (Prattville Alabama) zip code: Apple Iphone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, and Nokia Windows phone.

              I never achieved over 800K down on any of the tests in store. Upload runs about 1-2M.


              Today at 6:30AM CDST, I got 3.1M down, and that's the fastest I have ever seen it here. That happened while on Interstate-65 between 36066 and 36104 around the 180 mile marker (Montgomery, Alabama).


              Right now, while in 36105, I am getting 692K down and 436K up. These speeds happen with 4G indicator on and multiple bars of phone service.


              A few months ago I went to Birmingham, Alabama (35212) and got speeds greater than 10M down with the Galaxy Nexus.I never get those speeds in the Montgomery, Alabama area (36066, 36117, 36105).

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                Ok now. I gave you as much detail as could be possibly required. Want me to drive around and log speeds and send them to you? I could do that. But the truth? A couple of your towers in Montgomery, Alabama tell the phone that it is on 4G LTE, but they aren't capable of more than 1Mbps. That's the honest truth and why you won't help me now.


                I don't care if you call it 452G or "The Greatest Generation" of mobile data. If its slow it doesn't help.T-24 days and counting.

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                  Oh wow, here it is Nov 18th and you still haven't helped me since June. Imagine that.

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    I'm sorry you haven't received any assistance for your service issues DC4000. Have we filed a trouble-ticket since june? Have we replaced the phone or SIM card? Thanks for all your information but which is your home area? Which zipcode and cross streets do you frequent the most and have issues with. We can file a ticket for most frequented area.  You can send a private message with your name and number and I can check your account to find out which steps have already been taken and what we can do next. I look forward to hearing from you.

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                      I haven't contacted Verizon support since June. I did mention the poor service issue to my local store and they told me that "it is out of our hands. You need to contact support directly. You should use your wifi". I don't need Verizon if I am going to just "use wifi".




                      My phone and SIM were both replaced back when I originally purchased the Galaxy Nexus, because I could not get service hardly anywhere. I have 3 lines for my family and they all get the same poor connection speeds.


                      Cross roads near home: Cobbs Ford Road and McQueen Smith Road, Prattville, Al 36066


                      Address of local Verizon store which gets poor speeds in the actual store:  2755 Legends Pkwy, Prattville, Al 36066


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                        JUST WANTED TO ASK:


                        2. OR DID I MISUNDERSTAND???

                        If so than I an noticing a questionable pattern.


                        I had typed a detailed messages, pertaining to my similar situation, but my screen name isn't showing. I'll figure that out later, and get back to you!

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                          Verizon Wireless Customer Support


                          Fantastic details. Upon review, I do see that our engineers have advised of network opportunities in your area. They've remarked that as an indoor solution a network extender is recommended for both 3G and voice optimization http://vz.to/1b3bWa7 . Regarding 4G service, we suggest removing/reinserting the SIM often to force a network refresh.


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