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    How do I speak to a live person using the prepaid 888-294-6804 customer service line?


      I am trying to port an old number to Verizon and apparently need to speak with a representative directly to do so.  I have listened to every option (I mean . . . I think?  There are a lot of menus to go through over and over) and I only ever get sent to an automated response which then directs me back to a previous menu.  If I push "0" or "#", I get "Let's try that again" and it repeats the menu.  If I try it enough times, it says "We are sorry you are having trouble.  Thank you.  Goodbye" and disconnects. 


      The only workaround success I have had was using VW phone with a business account to get a rep and then get transferred over.  Except that I then got disconnected after being on hold for 10 minutes. 


      Am I missing something?

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