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    RE: Possible fix for disastrous firmware update


      Regarding the possible fix I first posted when this began - I'm sorry to say it does not last.  Like the others, I loose all data connections when I have two bars or less of 4G service.  The only quick solution - call Verizon and have the phone replaced if still under warranty.  I activated my replacement phone today and life is back to normal.  I did notice that as soon as the phone started service, it immediately wanted to update.  I reluctantly agreed and was upgraded to 4.1.2 again.  This time though, there were no problems.  Also, I noticed the build number is different from my wife's phone (which is going to be replaced thanks to the update).  The bad build number JZ054K.I535VRBMD3, the good build version - JZ054K.I535VRBMB1.  What is interesting to me though is that this version says it's 4.1.2, yet it contains none of the bloatware that was contained in the update that ruined LTE and has a different build number.  Also, it does not contain the multi-window feature.  Either way, the refurbished phone is the way to go until the software is fixed, and who knows when that will be.


      Also, per the Verizon rep I spoke with twenty minutes ago, there is still no official news or acknowledgement of the software problem.  She had me change my global data roaming settings as that was suggested as a possible fix to them via email.


      Very disappointed Verizon will not release news on this or even admit there's an issue.  Nothing against the reps on here trying to help; however, factory resets, battery pulls, SIM pulls, etc., are not the fix.  It's a pure software nightmare.

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          They will just repeat some bureaucratic ********. They need to admit theres a problem or their ganna drive customers away

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            I've had this issue for over a week now. It's ridiculous. I went to my Verizon store twice in the last five days. They agreed to give me a refurbished Galaxy 3 and are overnighting it. Is it worth it to activate it or should I wait it out? It's annoying and I'm not equipped to figure this stuff out on my own!! I just want the stupid phone that I pay a boatload for to work!

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              I debated that myself for a few days when the rep told me it was a reconditioned phone.  I was not happy to let go of a new phone that I paid for in exchange for a reconditioned phone.  Ultimately, I decided to keep an open mind.  Out of the box, the phone looked brand new - absolutely no way of telling it was reconditioned.  Once activated, the 4G was back to normal - none of the issues that I had after the update victimized us all.  If there was no change, Verizon was going to get the reconditioned phone back and I would have just waited for the fix.


              The deciding factor for me was do I really want to wait for the software to be fixed and then hope for the best, or do I want it working now until the issue is resolved.  Being that Verizon has yet to admit there's an issue, I decided to keep the reconditioned phone.  If you open it, it looks new, the build number is JZ054K.I535VRBMB1, and it works, I would keep it.  You always have a day or two to see if there's a change before you return one of them.


              We could all stop guessing if Verizon would just tell us something at this point.

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                Thanks llamee! I guess I will see if that helps. I'm glad people are posting about their experiences. I've been to the Verizon store twice and they were nice, but couldn't help. I'm not very tech savvy so it helps to have people break things down so I can understand them!

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                  Glad to help. Hopefully it works out but I think you'll be happy with the reconditioned phone when the 4G is back.



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                    I agree.  I got the reconditioned phone and couldn't be happier.  It will take MONTHS for Verizon and Samsung to get a fix out.  I have no patience to wait for that.  My CLNR is also on the previous build and it's perfect.

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                      I going to jump in here with a post.  After searching and reading it confirms what I already figured out.  It is a Verizon problem and not a phone issue.  I have been on the phone for over a week and even had a replacement phone after jumping through all the hoops with resets etc.  None of these options have worked for me.  Sent the replacement phone back same day after setting it up and still had the same problem.  Verizon finally came close to admitting they had a problem.  I am really angry and frustrated because I use my phone for everything.  Paid a lot of money for the phone and the service and the service is horrible.  Can't use data, only 3g when it is working and have to use wifi at home and work!  Completely unacceptable.  So I will try to wait it out for a fix but considering changing to another provider.  I've been with Verizon for many many years and hate this is going on. 

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                        I posted this on the Verizon Wireless FB page (it was removed in seconds) ...


                        When will there be a fix for the recent "broken" 4.1.2 build JZ054K.I535VRBMD3 firmware update
                        for Samsung Galaxy S3?

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                          I'm sure it will be removed from here to.

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