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    Failed text messages


      I am having trouble sending Text messages from home on my Samsung SIII.  All other features on the phone are working fine.  Can I resend failed messages?  What can I do to improve sending success?

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          Did the problems start after the 4.1.2 update last week?  I had issues with text messages after the update as well.

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            Hey t-powell2!


            Now, I know firsthand I do probably 90% of my own personal communication via text messaging. So, with that said, we've got to get you back in the texting game ASAP.


            Of course, I'd love to gain a better understanding of things before we delve further. First, are issues only doors? What's your zip code? Do you show sufficient bars on your phone? And do you use a third party text messaging app (if so, please remove and use the stock app)? For now though, please start by clearing out your text threads. Then go to settings > application manager > all > messaging > clear data and force stop. Then remove/reinsert the SIM to resync with our network.  Finally, test things out and let us know how it goes. Oh, and you can resend failed messages by clicking on them once more.




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              I have issues with text message not sending since the 4.1.2 upgrade.


              Reboot of phone does not help.

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                A factory Rest DOES NOT fix this... all it does is causes you to lose everything.. I have been having the same problems every since the Firmware update last week. So i read on here that a factory reset was the answer... it is NOT.!  so not only do i still have the same problems. but now i lost everything... great.....

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                  The problem messages appear to be mostly sent from inside a house, but with

                  two or more bars showing.  The phone works fine for phone calls.  My zip

                  code is 75094.




                  I tried clicking on a failed message as you suggested and it only opens the

                  message on another screen with no apparent way to resend it.   However, I

                  just tried clicking on the orange exclamation point beside the message and

                  this triggered a resend attempt.  However, after several minutes, the

                  message had not been sent and finally failed.  I tried a simple test message

                  from the same location and it immediately sent.  Could the transmission

                  problems be related to the length of the message?   One potential flag for

                  the problem could be the Wi-Fi symbol.  The phone shows to be connected to

                  my home n-band router with a green up arrow but an orange down arrow.




                  I followed your recommendation for clearing out the text threads.  Then when

                  I clicked on the exclamation mark for the message that had failed twice

                  before, it went immediately.  Hopefully this will resolve my issue.




                  Thanks for your help,




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                    Thanks for the post, as I was about to go down the same reboot path.  Definitely something going on with SMS text messages.  My wife and I are have the same issues as above with the S3.  My wife recently received a wrong message from her daughter (iPhone4).  You could look at both screens and they showed different messages.

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                      I have been having the same issue since the update. I talked to a guy in the verizon store and his basic answer was "ER I dunno that sucks." I have done a factory reset, shut down the phone removed the sim card and replaced it, even tried a tribal rain dance and all to no avail. Since I do most of my communication through texts this is beyond inconvenient when I have to restart my phone multiple times to send a message. I also have this awesome new feature, besides when the texts just don't send, sometimes it does send but tells me it didn't so my friends receive multiple of the same message. I appreciate becoming one of those people.

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                        Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                        Hello and happy Sunday SanEric,

                        I wanted to do a pulse check with you and your text message concern. May I ask are you still having an issue? If so, please advise as to how much available device memory do you have on the phone? Also, can I assume that there isn't any physical or liquid damage on your S III? If you can share the status of your concern then that would be great. I'm looking forward to your reply.

                        Thank you...

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