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    Samsung Galaxy S3 won't boot past 4G LTE screen after running software update?


      I recently discovered that a new software update was released, just like many of us discovered, and of course I decided to update it immediately. I plug my phone in, because the battery was low, in order to make sure it would not die during the updating process. I didn't really pay much attention to the entire update process, but it seemed to go fine and reboot the phone after it's installation. I reached the 4G LTE screen with the flashing light like animation and I waited quite a bit. I let it run a good 10 minutes, because I figured it was normal, considering I just updated, so maybe it was still doing something while booting. Well, more than 15 minutes go by, and I become impatient and pull out the battery and try to reboot it. Same occurrence, just stuck on this 4G LTE screen and I have no idea on what to do anymore to fix it.