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    Possible Account Fraud


      To whom it may concern:


      I am aware of an individual who may possibly be using an alias name for a Verizon Wireless Account.  Reason being, I receive mail at my house monthly which the suspected individual use to live.  The individual moved from the house about one year ago.  I have opened his mail by accident on two occasions not realizing that I had done so until I reviewed the bill and found out that it wasn't for one of my two accounts with Verizon.  I have requested the individual on previous months to change their billing address but apparently they have decided not to since they are possibly using an alias name for the account.


      Question:  Does Verizon have an interest of obtaining more info on the account which I suspect may be fraud??  If so, I will provide additional information.  I searched Verizon website to report concerns for fraud but didn't seem to find an email address for such a department to handle situations like this.


      Will someone representing Verizon Wireless please respond at your convenience... Thanks.