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    Backup Assistant and Verizon Cloud Apps don't sync properly


      Hi-  (I'm using Verizon iPhone 4S)


      I've been trying to figure out a way to properly use these Verizon backup apps (Backup Asst, Verizon Cloud, etc.), but their syncing functions don't seem to work properly.


      For example, let's say I have 10 contacts on my iPhone and then I sync them with the Verizon Cloud app. A week later on my iPhone, I add a couple contacts, delete a couple contacts, and edit a couple names/numbers. Then, I sync again with the Verizon Cloud app.


      The result is, the Verizon Cloud app will "send" the new contacts I've added from my iPhone to the Cloud. However, then it will also "receive" the prior contacts that I've deleted/edited since the last backup!? Therefore, creating new contacts in my iPhone that I had manually deleted or edited since the last backup!?


      Each time I sync, I obviously would want the app to sync/backup/send all my contacts from my iPhone to the Cloud. I would not want it to keep receiving old contacts that I have previously deleted/edited since the last backup.


      There should either be some specific sync settings to choose your default "send, receive, or send/receive" function. Or the app's default function should   ONLY send/backup your iPhone contacts to the Cloud...not additionally receive old contact-data every time. If I ever want to access old contact-data that I may have accidentally deleted/edited on my iPhone, I could go online to my Verizon Cloud and access it there if need be.


      Can someone please tell me how I can get around this problem and continue to backup my Contacts on a regular basis without constantly receiving old deleted contacts and having to keep manually deleting them over and over?!?

      I can't be the only one dealing with this issue...

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          I've spoken to a couple Verizon customer service reps about this issue. One recommended I first delete all the contacts online in my Verizon Cloud. Then, on my iPhone, sync the contacts in the Verizon Cloud app. I tried that approach yesterday and the Verizon Cloud app must have saw the 0 contacts online, and then DELETED ALL THE CONTACTS on my iPhone to match it!?!


          THEN, Apple iCloud must have saw the newly updated 0 contacts on my iPhone and decided to delete all my iCloud contacts to match it!?! But that's a whole nuther issue...

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Spikey, thank you for the detail in the issue you're experiencing with your iPhone 4S. It is strange that all of your deleted contacts come back everytime the phone syncs. After deleting contacts, did the phone sync that day or the next? Try deleting a contact and then syncing immediately afterwards. Also, if you delete multiple contacts, login to your Backup Assistant account online and delete all the contacts from the Trash bin. Clear up the trash often. This should clear up any confusion the system is having with syncing multiple contacts.

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              I am having exactly the same problem~ SO, so frustrating, as I do all my updating on my phone, not the cloud or my desktop computer!!   And, likewise I called about hte issue and got the same advice as Spikey and did the same thing with the same shocking results (deleting all contacts on my phone).  They told me to go into Settings, "backup assistant Plus" and make sure the "sync contacts" button is turned off first, then go log into my account online, delete all the contacts there, then come back to phone and choose the "backup now" button at the bottom of the "backup assistant plus" screen under settings.  I did all this, and while there LITERALLY saw the box for "sync contacts" check itself back on and start sycing with the cloud, where I had just deleted all my contacts with the intent of uploading all the current, newly update info from my phone onto the cloud~ Instead all this automatic stuff started happening and the cloud started syncing my contacts to my phone, which is to say, it deleted all my contacts because the account online had just been cleared out~ I was so bummed, can't even tell you how long it took to update everything to current manually over a couple weeks on my phone and it was all gone~ Turns out I went into the trash online and was able to undelete all my deleted contacts from the online verizon account, (mind you, these were the out-of-date ones I was trying to replace with my current phone ones), and then the cloud automatically synced all these old contacts onto my phone again.  So not only did I not get to send the new ones to the cloud, but the cloud sent back all the old ones replacing the work I had done. 

              I'm not at all convinced that they understand at verizon how to get around this.  I would be really glad if anyone else has and could pipe in here.  It's a real problem. 

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Hey there Sammyb1123,

                I'm sorry for the issues that you are having with your backing up and restoring your contacts. I absolutely want to make sure that we get you back up and running.

                Do you have the iPhone 4s too? Have you tried using iCloud? Since this application was specifically made for Apple devices it may be a bit easier to work with. Did you try the steps that Marquia suggested? If not, I would try those steps as well.

                Keep us updated.

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                  Thanks for the note back~ I’d love this to be worked out.  I have a samsung galaxy note 3, though everything else I own is mac.  I’d really, really, like to feel confident that my contact list won’t keep being replaced with an old version again and again.  Just this morning I spent about 45 minutes updating some new info for contacts on my phone and, feeling anxious about it, I checked three times under “backup assistant plus” under settings to make sure that “backup contacts” box was Unchecked.  The person on the phone told me that if I pressed the “backup now” button at the bottom of that window that the direction of backup would be from my phone to the verizon cloud, rather than the other way around, but I’m afraid to do it for fear that it’s not true, and that it will just replace all my current contact data again.  Could you/someone there please get back to me with accurate information about how to fix this issue, including whether or not it’s even fixable?

                  Thanks very much,



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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    Hello sammyb1123,

                    I'm just as excited as you are to get this resolved once and for all. May I ask do you have your new contacts saved on paper or another place other than your device? As we continue to troubleshoot, the contacts may be erased again. I want to ensure that the new contacts are archived elsewhere, just in case. Also, have you tried to entering the new contacts on the Backup Assistant website, since it continues to sync in the other direction? If so then what were the results? I also took the liberty to follow you so are welcomed to send me a private message so we can proceed.

                    Thank you...

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                      I'm still having the same issue, where I use the Verizon Cloud app to sync my contacts...but every time I do that, it not only "sends" my contacts but then also "receives" contacts. The result every time is that I get a bunch of old/previously-deleted contacts added back into my phone!


                      Can someone please tell me how to just "send" contacts to backup, and not "send/receive"? I don't see an option to do this in the Verizon Cloud app.

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                        Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                        Thanks for contacting us again, SpikeySF! I regret that this issue continues to bother you. I notice that Marquia had asked you to clear the trash bin often in her June 1st post. Has that been done? The reason I ask is because old contacts should never reappear (even if they're in the deleted folder). But they've been deleted permanently, that eliminates the chance of them being resurrected (so to speak).

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                          Hi- Thanks for the reply. I assume you mean the Trash bin in My Verizon online? Yes, I have done that and that doesn't seem to be related to my problem. In fact, I don't want to have to log into My Verizon page to manage my contacts at all. I simply want to back up my contacts from my iPhone every so often.


                          Last time I had this issue, I was told by your customer support to go into My Verizon contacts and delete them all and then go into the Verizon Cloud on my iPhone and re-sync. When I did that, Verizon Cloud deleted all the contacts from my iPhone! (And then Apple iCloud deleted all my contacts!) So, I'm not going to try that again.


                          I guess I'll just delete the Verizon Cloud app and just use Apple iCloud to back up my contacts.

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