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    Is there any way to end my contract.


      I joined Verizon in January of this year. Its one of the biggest mistakes I have made. I have had nothing but trouble. Everyone month that my bill comes out I have to call them to get corrections made on them over billing me. It looks like Im stuck with them till 2015. I want to go to straight talk. Wish I would have never joined Verizon.

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          You can pay the early termination fee (ETF).  For a smartphone, it's $350 minus $10 per month completed on your contract.  For a basic phone, it's $175 minus $5 per month.

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            Is there any other way. Im so tired of having to deal with this company. Its the worst cell company I have had to deal with. I have asked since the beginning to get out. I have to fight with this **** company every month.

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              You could have cancelled within 14 days, but not now.  I'm surprised you're having problems because I have been a customer for years and bought numerous phones for my wife and myself and never had one problem or one billing error.

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                I had actually tried to end it right away but was told I would have to pay for the phones and they made it sound like I was going to pay the cancelation fee anyway. So I was scared to cancel, I thought it would cost me to much. Verizon has been giving me problems since the very beginning. I hate this company. Would never suggest anyone join this company and once my contract is up I will never use Verizon again.

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                  Also not only that but I signed up both my husband, myself and the jetpack. They put my number and the jetpack on one account, Put my husband on a seperate account. and sent me two Bills. I changed it right after I realized they did that, but still I have had to call in every month because they kept trying to charge for the first bill every month even after they told me it was taking care of. I recieved a collection notice this month saying I was being sent to collections. So I went directly to the Verizon store, they helped me get through. First the rep kept telling me there was nothing they could do I had to pay it, (Even though it was Verizons fault) I finally asked for the persons supervisor, even then the rep on the phone kept trying to tell me nothing could be done. I insisted I wanted to talk to his supervisor. He finally put me through and I believe it was straightened out. Hopefully I will not have to call in again next month. I had the supervisor send me a email saying it was taking care of and I will not be charged again. Its ridiculous.

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                    Yes, there are 2 ways to end your contract. You can stay with Verizon for the full 24 months or you can leave early and pay the ETF.

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                      You could have cancelled within 14 days and only had to pay a restocking fee.  I think it's $35 per smartphone.  Your activation fees and month-to-date usage fees would not have been refunded.

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                        I wish there was a way out without the early termination fee. I have been a Verizon customer for over ten years. They have made numerous billing errors and these have been increasing over the last year. I have found the representatives that I reach on the phone have been getting mush ruder also. The most recent annoyance had to do with a suspended line. I needed it to be suspended for six months. They only do 90 days. The rep on the phone said they would send me a text so I could resuspend. Nope! I got five texts about my stupid picture account and the fact that they were going to delete the picture - who cares - but nothing about this. Then they reactivated right after a billing cycle so it didn't show until the next bill and had two months. They would only resuspend from today. SO I paid a month and a half for no use at all. And they will not budge. As soon as my contract is closer to ending I am gone. I have five lines and data on four so they will be losing. And I am going to let everyone I know not to go with them. My older children all have Sprint so I know who to look at for my next contract.

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                          You can log into your My Verizon account and suspend a line of service with payment or without payment.  You can suspend for up to 90 days and I think you can do this twice within a year.  That is the policy and it's clearly spelled out.  Why do people get upset and blame Verizon because they haven't taken the time to read the information that is put in front of them?

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