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    Found my stolen phone, now what?


      My phone was stolen a month ago. As soon as I realized it was stolen I remotely installed an app to track it. Unfortunately then phone was either off or not connected to the internet at the time so it was unable to send me any information about its whereabouts.

      On about May 20th the app was activated and I'm currently able to track its location with GPS. It states it is currently in the Dominican Republic and it lists "Orange" as the provider.  It seems "Orange" is a popular service provider to many countries outside the US.  I reported it stolen to Verizon when it was stolen in April. I also called them a few days ago to let them know I knew where the phone was and who is providing the service but they stated they are unable to do anything. They recommended I contact the local authorities . Should I really go to my local police department and attempt to file a report against someone in another country?


      Is it so extremely difficult for Verizon to collaborate with another service provider in an attempt to retrieve my phone? The Verizon customer support representative wasn't interested in any information I currently have. I contacted "Orange" and they said "I am sure if you contact your service provider in the US again they should be able to help you further."


      Extremely frustrated with nowhere to go


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          If it was me, I would forget it. There is no way you're going to get your phone back.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Wwilson042, I'm sorry to hear that your phone was stolen. I can totally understand how frustrating this can be. Some devices are capable of being "Unlocked" to use on other wireless providers. Once the device is unlocked and activated on another wireless network, we are unable to deactivate that phone. I recommend that you report your phone stolen to the local authorities to attempt to retrieve it.

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              Why are the carriers involved (verizon and  Orange) passing the buck here? Seems a simple matter to me that if you can verify with Orange and verizon that indeed it is your IMEI that is activated in the DR, then it should be a simple matter for Orange to contact the local authorities there and have them go to the address of service or otherwise track it and retrieve the phone. Instead, carriers wimp out on civil duty and authorities do nothing.