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    Galaxy S4 Connection Problems


      I've had the S4 since Thursday. I've had to reset this phone at least once a day to get internet access back. Even while connected to a WiFi network, my phone randomly stops connecting to the internet at some point midday. The play store and browsers stop working. The only way to bring it back is to either restart the phone or flip airplane mode on and off.


      Is there a reason for this behavior? Recently I've used an iPhone 5 and an HTC 8X, neither devices had this problem.

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          My S4 is the worst piece of junk smart phone I've ever had. Works fantastic on home WiFi but I can not get a data connection at a concert or a ball game while my wife's old Motorola Droid X 3G phone works great everywhere when mine doesn't.

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            Since it has not been 14 days go back and either return it (pay $35 restocking fee) or exchange it for another cell phone that may work better.


            As I have been saying on this forum just because its the latest and greatest does not mean you have to go out and purchase it. But people have this "I got to have it and have it now" mentality and find it wasn't the best choice after all.


            Go back and return it now, Don't wait till day 15 when you will get a refurbished phone which has a worst problem than what you are having.


            Good Luck

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              read the reply I gave to the original poster. Bring it back to the store and pay the fee and get a different phone, or another new S4

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                Mine had the play store issue, they did a hard reset and now it has been perfect, haven't had any of your other issues though

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                  WiFi Manager by Kostya Vasilyev has been a tool I've used for most of the 3 years I had a HTC DINC. I bought my S4 on Monday and promptly ran into the inability to authenticate to some WiFi hotspots. I installed WiFi Manager from the Google Play Store on my S4 and wahlah! authentication worked.


                  I'm happy as a clam with my S4.

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                    Are you getting this after a period of inactivity with the phone? I seem to have a similar problem. I can't figure out how to replicate it except overnight when the phone stays on, is on wifi, and idle for a while.


                    However, my problem goes away if I disable and re-enable wifi.

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                      I get this same authentication error on my work wifi only, I can connect to any other wifi network.  And all my other devices I have ever owned connect to this same wifi.  I tried the wifi manager app above but that did not make a difference.

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                        Do you know what kind of wifi router they use at work? There seems to be some issue with D-Link routers.

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                          all fair points, but it is my job to test phones before deployment. i work in IT and smart phones are my responsibility. Before I hand out any specific phone model to employees, I always pick one up first and do about a week of testing before either allowing the company to by more or not buying them at all. In my company each employee gets any phone they want (assuming I approve the device), and by extension, I get EVERY phone there is.


                          As of right now, I see no reason to approve the S4. It's been giving me lots of headaches. But only 2 out of about 500 employees wanted an S4, so it's not a big deal really.

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