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    SIM unlock code



      My aunt has recently gifted me her old Motorola Droid 2 Global and when I insert my SIM card it asks for a SIM unlock code.

      Searching on the web I found that after the contract has ended Verizon is supposed to provide me this code if I send you the IMEI.


      This is my cellphone IMEI:

      HEX: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      DEC: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      In case you need to contact the former owner of the line send me an email.


      Please let me know if you need any other information.



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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi naoc,

          How nice that your aunt gave you her Smartphone! I pride myself on being a good aunt as well. Let's make sure that you have what you need. Since posting, has this been taken care of? Please let me know if you need additional assistance.

          I have followed you in the forums. If you need my assistance, just follow me back and send me a DM with your name and mobile number. I'm happy to help!

          Thank you,

          Christina B
          VZW Support
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